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Chapter 3535: 3535
Chapter 3535 Things Are a Bit Out of Control 5

“You don’t deserve to know my identity . ”

“What’s your purpose for rescuing me? You can tell me at least that . ”

“Of course we have a purpose . Are you familiar with Huo Mian?”

Hearing Huo Mian’s name, Huo Siqian became even warier .

He’d never allow anyone to hurt Huo Mian .

“Please . Don’t look so tense… Our final target isn’t Huo Mian . She’s not useful to us . ”

“Who’s your target?”

“Huo Mian’s biological father . You know him?”

“Professor Lu?” Understanding dawned on Huo Siqian .

“Yeah . Professor Lu has something our master wants, but he’s too slippery for us to catch so we plan to get his daughter first . What do you think?”

“I won’t let you do it . You can’t harm Mian . ”

“Hehe . You’re indeed obsessed with her… But if Jack didn’t control you and break out, you’d be dead since Qin Chu and Huo Mian had decided to kill you . ”

“So what? I want to die at Mian’s hands . ”

“You’re crazy and unreasonable . But it doesn’t matter…”

The girl wearing a golden mask took out a pink vial .

“What are you doing?”

Alarmed, Huo Siqian tried to stand up and fight the woman but couldn’t muster any strength .

“Our master said if you’re unreasonable, we’ll talk to the other person in your body . ”

The girl wearing a golden mask grabbed his chin and poured all the powder into his mouth .

He struggled desperately but it was useless .

They had done something to him, and he couldn’t use any strength .

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He wanted to protect his sister Mian but was powerless to do it .

Before he passed out, the last image in his mind was the innocent-faced Huo Mian with a ponytail from more than ten years ago .

Half an hour later, when he woke up again, his eyes looked different .

“I know you share memories, so I don’t need to explain things to you . We want to deal with that old guy Professor Lu through his daughter Huo Mian . You must work with us . ”

“Of course . I’ll make that little bitch Huo Mian suffer before I kill her . ” Jack smiled sinisterly .

– Back in China –

Huo Mian and Qin Chu planned to head back home after the meeting, but Huo Mian dared not to take the trip back when the baby became restless in her belly .

Qin Chu accompanied her to get checked in the hospital and the doctor said she’d been tired lately and suggested that they stay put for another night before they went back .

Although they wanted to go home to see the twins, they decided to stay one more night for the sake of the baby .

In the evening, Huo Mian got bored so they went to a lively square near the hospital . At seven each evening, people came here to dance and exercise .

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“Honey, I want to eat cotton candy . ”

“Are you a child?” Qin Chu chuckled .

“Your son wants to eat it . ”

“You always use our son to get your way . When he comes out, I’ll tell him how much blame he has taken for his mother . ”

“No problem . My son will understand me . ”

Qin Chu took off his coat and draped it around her shoulders before setting off to buy cotton candy .

As Huo Mian sat near the flowerbed watching the public square dance, a girl of about 6 years old walked over to her and said, “Auntie, you look so pretty . ”

Huo Mian smiled at her .

“Auntie, you look very like my mom . But she has passed away now . Can I take a picture with you?”

“Of course . ” Huo Mian found it hard to refuse the girl’s request .

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She took a selfie with the girl with the girl’s cellphone .

Then the little girl took out a lollipop . “Auntie, this is for you . Thank you . ”

Looking at the girl’s innocent eyes, Huo Mian hesitated but still took it .

“Auntie, come on, try it . It’s very, very sweet,” the girl urged .

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