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Chapter 3534: 3534

“Which woman?”“Um… Tiantian’s mom,” Pudding sounded uncertain .

When the twins walked out of their school to their bodyguards, Pudding seemed to have caught a glimpse of Huo Yanyan’s face in the crowds .

“My goodness . That evil woman? Isn’t she crazy? Mom said she’s locked up . ”

“I don’t know . I’m not sure if it was her . The woman looked like her . ” Pudding tried to recall the details .

“Many people in the world look alike . She might be a student’s mother,” Little Bean comforted her sister .

“Um-hum . ”

“Don’t worry . Sis, I’ll protect you . ”

“Shit . You can’t even protect yourself . How can you protect me?” Pudding glanced at Little Bean in disgust .

“I can make a phone call to Auntie . Haha . When she comes, she’ll wipe them out… Or as our auntie says, she’ll blow them up . ”

Little Bean waved her arms as she imagined the scene, but then her mood plummeted .

“Sis, I miss Auntie so much . ” Little Bean pouted .

“Me, too . ” Pudding sighed .

Lu Yan hadn’t called the kids after she left .

“When I grow up, I want to work for Auntie…”

“You’re too fat . Auntie won’t take you . ”

Little Bean retorted,”I can lose weight . If Auntie wants to take me, I’ll give up sweet food . I’ll become a superhero . Haha, I’ll be as badass as Auntie . ”

“Only the dead would believe you . ”

“You underestimate me . You should say even the dead wouldn’t believe me . Hahaha… I’d never give up my beloved ice cream . ”

“Do you have dissociative identity disorder?” Hearing Little Bean’s mumbling, Pudding gave her a dirty look .

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– On the top floor of the Burj Al Arab Hotel –

The suite of hundreds of square meters was glamourous with its luxurious decorations . Even the tea table and the bathtub were made of gold . The luxurious room cost hundreds of thousands of yuan for one night .

Even at this exorbitant price, there was a high demand for it .

People say there are no poor people in Dubai; even the taxis were Porsches and a beggar can make more than 400,000 yuan each month .

It was the playground for rich people and the cradle for gold .

People say the rich people here keep lions, tigers, and crocodiles as pets instead of ordinary cats and dogs .

It was eye-opening…

Huo Siqian woke up and found himself in a big soft bed .

“Are you awake?”

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Hearing a woman’s voice, Huo Siqian sat up slowly .

With narrowed eyes, he looked at the woman standing by his bed up and down .

With a tall figure and black long hair, she must be an Asian .

Wearing a golden mask that covered half of her face, she sounded like a young woman .

The white Arabian robe she was wearing seemed to have been altered and looked a bit creepy .

The most important thing was that she had spoken to Huo Siqian in Chinese .

“Where am I? Who are you?” Huo Siqian asked .

“Dubai . ”

“What? Dubai?” Huo Siqian tried to recall how he got there but found his memory was fuzzy .

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The last thing he remembered was that he was locked in prison back in China and he missed Mian so much that he almost went crazy .

How come he was in Dubai? What had happened?

“If not for me, you’d have been killed by Lu Yan . Do you know that?”

“Lu Yan?” Huo Siqian closed his eyes, trying hard to remember .

“You don’t have to rack your brains . Jack did it, so you can’t remember it so clearly . To put it simply, Jack broke out but was intercepted by Lu Yan and almost got killed by her; our people got there in time and rescued you . ”

“Who are you guys?” Warily, Huo Siqian looked at the woman wearing a gold mask .

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