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Chapter 3533: 3533

Han Yueyao shook her head . “She sells her body…”

At Han Yueyao’s silence, the girl thought she didn’t understand and continued in a low voice, “She’s a hooker . Don’t be fooled by her petite and cute look . She’s very vain . Do you notice her cosmetics, handbags, and even shoes cost more than 10,000 yuan? If she came from a wealthy family, why would she work as a trainee? So, the only conclusion is that she’s got a sugar daddy; I heard there is more than one man . How dirty is she? Don’t hang out with her, or you’d be influenced by her . We’re to be stars and such dirty laundry would be the death of us in the future . ”

“She’s our classmate; I don’t think it’s right to talk about her in this way . ”

Han Yueyao thought it was not right to badmouth Su Xiaoxiao behind her back; besides, she knew nothing about the girl .

“Don’t be afraid . Even if the hooker stands before me, I’d say it to her face . Forget it . You know nothing . ”

Receiving no response, the girl lost interest and stopped talking .

After spending one afternoon on vocal music, the girls left the classroom .

As Han Yueyao walked out, Mr . Ji who was in charge of the trainees walked toward her slowly .

Mr . Ji was a well-known scout in China; as he grew older, he had mostly retired from the scouting career .

Su Yu hired him for a high salary, hoping he could raise some superstars for Imperial Star .

“Yao-Yao . ”

“Mr . Ji,” Han Yueyao greeted him politely .

“How do you feel about the training in the last couple of days? Is the dance training too harsh for you?”

“I’m fine . I grew up with dancing training, so I don’t think it’s too much for me . ”

“Good . You’re patient and low-keyed . Work hard and keep it up . ”

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“I will, Mr . Ji . ”

“President Su came today . Do you who President Su is? He’s the big boss of our company . ”

“Oh, I know . ”

“He stood outside the classroom and watched you guys practice for a long while; he told me to keep an eye on you . I guess he saw your potential and wants to make something out of you . ”

“Really? That’s… great . ” Han Yueyao suddenly felt guilty pretending she didn’t know Su Yu .

“You can go now . Keep it up . ”

“Okay . ”

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After saying goodbye to Mr . Ji, Han Yueyao returned to her room feeling fatigued . She took a shower and changed her clothes before going to the food court near the company to grab a bite .

The cafeteria in the company was closed in the evenings, but the company gave them 30 yuan of supper allowance each day .

For those picky girls, 30 yuan was, of course, not enough .

But Han Yueyao was accustomed to hardships as she had begun learning dancing from a young age .

She was never allowed to have snacks . Each week, she had to stand on the weighing scale and would get a slap on her palm if her weight exceeded a certain limit .

As for the KFC hamburgers, deep-fried chicken legs, spicy hotpot, etc . , she could only look but couldn’t eat .

Finally, she entered a Lanzhou ramen restaurant and ordered a small bowl of noodles .

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Not far from her, a man hiding behind a building took her pictures as she ate noodles, oblivious of his presence .

– On the viaduct –

The twins were sitting in the black van on their way back from school .

Behind the van was a Range Rover . The bodyguards in both cars had been hand-picked by Qin Chu .

“Sis, what are you thinking about?” Little Bean noticed her sister’s thoughtful look .

“Little Bean, I think I saw that woman…” Pudding said uneasily .

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