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Chapter 3532: 3532
Chapter 3532 Things Are a Bit Out of Control 2

“I’m sorry . I didn’t know you were changing clothes . ”

Entering the room, Han Yueyao apologized again .

“It doesn’t matter . ” The girl looked like she truly didn’t mind .

Han Yueyao walked to her bed and sat down .

“Are you new here?”

“Yeah . ”

 “Then why did you move into my dorm room? Didn’t they warn you?”

“No . There’s something wrong with this room?” Han Yueyao looked confused .

“There’s nothing wrong with this room . But I’m the problem . ”

The girl smiled and then sat down on her bed, facing Han Yueyao .

She took out a packet of cigarettes . It was Little Panda; Han Yueyao had seen her classmates in the dancing academy smoke this brand of cigarette, which was more than 30 yuan for one packet .

“Do you want one?”

“I don’t smoke . Thank you,” Han Yueyao declined .

“What’s your name?”

“Han Yueyao . ”

“Su Xiaoxiao . ” The girl introduced herself .

“Wow . This name… sounds familiar,” Han Yueyao wondered .

“Yeah . Anyone who has learned history knows that Su Xiaoxiao is the name of the No . 1 prostitute at Qiantang in the Southern Dynasties . ”

“Um… No, I remember Su Shi’s younger sister was also called Su Xiaoxiao,” Han Yueyao explained .

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“I don’t care . I like my name . ”

“Yeah . It’s a good name . Xiaoxiao, how come I didn’t see you in the training?”

Since she lived here, she must be a trainee, but Han Yueyao hadn’t seen her in the classroom or the cafeteria .

“It’s because I don’t have to do training . I’ve just signed up a role in a movie that begins shooting next month . ”

“Wow . You’re awesome . ”

“I’m not awesome; in fact, I have a backer . Nowadays, who can succeed on one’s own abilities? The world doesn’t operate this way . ”

Hearing Su Xiaoxiao’s frank words, Han Yueyao didn’t know how to respond .

“Those bitches don’t like me, saying I’m a bad person and won’t enter the list even though I can play in movies, etc . In their eyes, Gao Yaruo is the goddess who will have the opportunity to enter the list . But I hope you will keep your distance from those bitches; they are vicious . ”

“Okay . I’ll take care to stay away from all this stuff . Thank you for your advice . ”

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Finishing her cigarette, Su Xiaoxiao tossed the butt on the floor and extinguished it with the heel of her shoe; then she stood up and picked up her coat .

“I got to go . ”

“Will you come back tonight?” Han Yueyao asked .

“No . You lock the door from inside . I have cosmetics and imported facial cleanser on the desk; you can use them if you want . ”

“Thank you, but I’ve brought my own . ”

Han Yueyao declined Su Xiaoxiao’s kind offer .

“Fine . See you later . ”

Then the girl left .

Han Yueyao felt Su Xiaoxiao was no older or even younger than her, but her adept handling of the cigarette and bold personality were amazing .

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In the afternoon training, a woman asked her, “Did you meet the hooker?”

“Hooker? What hooker?” Han Yueyao was surprised .

“Hooker Su… She seldom comes back to her dorm or attends the training, as if she’s dead . The company was about to fire her, but she got a role in a movie probably because she had slept with a director or a producer . Of course, the company can’t fire her now for the sake of financial benefits . ”

“You mean Su Xiaoxiao?” Han Yueyao finally understood .

“Yeah . You must stay away from her . Do you know what she does out there?” The girl lowered her voice and said mysteriously .

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