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Chapter 3531: 3531
Chapter 3531 Things Are a Bit Out of Control 1

When Su Yu looked inside, the girl happened to glance outside and meet his eyes; instantly, Han Yueyao turned her head away .

Gao Yaruo standing beside her noticed it and glanced at the door alertly .

She was surprised to see Su Yu .

Turning her head to Han Yueyao, she asked, “You know President Su?”

“No,” Han Yueyao denied calmly .

She knew she must be careful with her words among the girls and couldn’t tell them everything .

The trainees called each other sisters but each of them secretly wished the other girls would be eliminated as soon as possible, so the company would promote them alone .

The fights among the young trainees were sometimes fiercer than the secret wars among the list stars .

Hearing Han Yueyao’s denial, Gao Yaruo didn’t say anything; they continued the practice .

“Take good care of Han Yueyao . ”

Before he left, Su Yu instructed .

“I will . Don’t worry, President Su, I’ll keep an eye on the girls with talents . ”

Then, Su Yu left .

It was lunchtime for the trainees .

In the cafeteria, Han Yueyao took her platter to a quiet table and sat down .

Two trainees went over and sat across from her .

“Yao, Yao . Forgive us if you think we’re being nosy… How did you come in after the trainee selection was over?”

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“Yao, they say you got connections . Can you tell us who it is, so we can share some benefits?”

Eating her lunch silently for a while, Han Yueyao answered without looking up, “A distant cousin knows a high-level executive in the company and recommended me . Of course, my cousin is not that powerful . She said after I came in, I’m on my own, so if I get eliminated, it means I’m useless . ”

“Oh, I see . We thought President Su got you in here . ”

“No . I don’t know President Su . ” She wasn’t stupid and wouldn’t tell them that her backer was Su Yu . If she did, Su Yu’s reputation would be smeared, and the girls would become green with jealousy .

Sure enough, after hearing her explanation, the two trainees moved to Gao Yaruo’s table with their platters to report their findings .

“Yaruo, don’t worry . It wasn’t President Su who got her in . She said a distant cousin of hers is friends with a high-level executive in Imperial Star . But as you know, those executives can never dictate us . Han Yueyao got in through connections, but she can’t defeat us in the competitions . ”

“Yeah . Yaruo, we’re all on your side . You don’t have to worry about Han Yueyao . ”

Gao Yaruo chuckled . “She’s a newbie . Why should I worry about her?”

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“Yeah . She’s just a newbie, a fledgling . She would be overestimating herself if she dares to compete with our Yaruo . ”

Where there were people, there were conflicts .

The places full of women were even more so .

Han Yueyao had been used to two-faced people in the dancing academy, so she wasn’t surprised at these girls’ behavior .

No matter what others gossiped about, she would focus on dancing, singing, and learning acting skills .

After lunch, she checked the time and decided to return to her dorm and nap for an hour .

When she pushed open the door to her room, she saw a girl was changing clothes .

“I’m sorry… I…” Han Yueyao closed the door immediately in embarrassment .

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“It’s fine . Come in . ”

The girl had ear-length short hair and a sweet face .

Han Yueyao hadn’t expected that she would meet her roommate for the first time in such a situation .

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