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Chapter 3521: Chapter 3521 - We are in Big Trouble 1
3521 We are in Big Trouble 1

It was morning on the weekend .

All the family members sat together to have breakfast in South Hill Manor .

“Girls, Mom has to go on a business trip . ”

“Where are you going?” Little Bean was curious .

“Just the neighboring city . ”

“Oh . When will you come back?”

“In two days . ”

“Fine . Mom, you must be careful; we’ll behave ourselves and listen to our dad,” Little Bean said as she bit into a steaming bun .

“I’m sorry, but your dad won’t be home either . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

“Is Dad going on a business trip, too?” Little Bean looked at Qin Chu in surprise .

“Stupid, can’t you see? Dad must accompany Mom when she’s on the business trip,” Pudding explained .

“Smart . ” Huo Mian gave Pudding a thumbs-up .

“It’s only morning and we’re caught off guard by this bout of PDA . Sooner or later, you and Dad will torture us to death with PDA . ”

“Haha! We won’t . You’re our biological daughters . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

“Really? How come I feel we were free gifts that you picked up when you went out shopping?”

“You’re much better than free gifts . ”

It was fun to banter with her daughters in the morning .

“Mom, please show mercy on me, okay?”

“Behave yourselves . When you go out…”

“I know . When we go out, we must take at least four bodyguards,” Little Bean continued for her .

“Exactly . ”

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“I don’t want to go out . Every time when we go shopping at the supermarket with Grandpa and Grandma, we have to bring four bodyguards . It’s such a big team that people will think the mayor is there to inspect the market,” Little Bean complained .

“It’s why you must work hard on your Taekwondo . When you are a good fighter, you won’t have to take a bodyguard with you,” Qin Chu said .

“Yeah, I want to be like Auntie Lu Yan . Then I’d be invincible . ” Little Bean waved her small fists .

She was full of admiration for Lu Yan, especially after her mom told them how Lu Yan wiped out all the troublemakers when they went to have BBQ with Aunt Lingling . It was a dashing sight .

“Okay . Miss Qin Mumu, stop boasting . Hurry up with your breakfast . Don’t you have a date with Boyuan?” Pudding reminded her .

“Right . I can’t waste time on you guys now . I’ll go up and change clothes . Sis, what do you think I should wear?”

Little Bean turned to look at Pudding .

“You look best when you wear nothing . ”

“Humph . Goodbye . ”

Being teased by her sister, Little Bean gave her a dirty look and ran away .

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Huo Mian leaned her head on Qin Chu’s shoulder . “Honey, it’s still not too late if you change your mind . ”

“I think you can change your mind at any moment about the business trip . ”

“Haha . I can’t . I stood them up last time when Yan got the concussion . This time, I must go no matter what . I must act like a professional . ”

“Then shut up and let’s go, Dr . Huo . ”

After Qin Chu picked up her bag of files and handbag, Huo Mian stood up and walked out after him .

“Mian, you’re pregnant, so remember to walk slowly . Take care,” her mother-in-law instructed her .

“Got it, Mom . ”

At Gao Ran’s home .

It was the weekend and the family enjoyed the leisure time .

“Senior Gao and Junior Gao, breakfast is ready . Come down now . ” Zhu Lingling yelled .

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The father and son put down their cellphone games and walked out, looking bored .

“Son, it’s the weekend . Do you want to play basketball with me?” Gao Ran got an idea .

“No,” Gao Boyuan refused without hesitation .

“Why not?” Gao Ran felt a little bit hurt . Finally, he got some free time on the weekend and decided to have some bonding time with his son, but the latter just rejected him?

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