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Chapter 3520: 3520
Chapter 3520 Who“s Behind Huo Yanyan 10

“He’s nice and handsome . ”

“Good, it’s good that you like him… Yao, you must find opportunities to get to know Yu better . He’s got a temper, but his heart is good and pure . You’re a good girl; I think you two…”

“Auntie Su, I need to use the washroom . I’ll call you back, okay?”

“Okay . ”

“By the way, Auntie Su, since you don’t want President Su to find out that you got me into his company, I think we should keep our contact as little as possible . ”

“Okay . You’re right . ”

“Well, goodbye, Auntie Su . ”

Without waiting for a reply, Han Yueyao ended the call and exhaled deeply .

“My gosh! My mom didn’t send me into the dancing academy so I can marry into a rich family… Really, it’s scary . ”

Han Yueyao was respectful to Su Yu’s mother but didn’t want to be too close to her, not to mention brownnosing her .

She wanted to move up step by step from the bottom rung in Imperial Star as an ordinary trainee .

She felt fortunate that she could enter Imperial Star with Huo Mian’s recommendation .

As for marrying Su Yu, she had never thought of that even in her wildest dreams . Sometimes, one must be realistic .

– At South Hill Manor –

The twins had been sulky after Lu Yan left .

To cheer them up, Qin Ning took them out to have fun with Tang Chuan, and the house quieted down after they left .

After supper, Qin Chu got a basin of warm water and placed it beside the bed .

“Dr . Huo, it’s time to soak your feet . ”

“Put it here . Honey, I can manage it myself . ”

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“Let me help you . With your big belly, you can’t even bend down . ”

Qin Chu rolled up his black shirt sleeves and squatted down to pull the thin socks from her feet .

Testing the water temperature, he put Huo Mian’s slightly swollen feet into the water .

“Honey…” Huo Mian’s eyes became moist .

“Don’t tell me you’re touched . Save those tears for me when I’m old and ugly . ”

“Haha . No, I wanted to say that I’m a bit thirsty and want water . ”

“Wait . I’ll go and get it . ”

Standing up, Qin Chu dried his hands and went to get water for her .

Watching him get busy, Huo Mian thought he was the most handsome guy in the world, more handsome than those Korean movie stars, Hollywood superstars, or Little Fresh Meats on screen .

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“Indeed… I have the best husband . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

At the psychiatric center, Huo Yanyan passed out again on the floor due to self-starvation .

A young nurse went to help her up and was about to inject the nutrient solution into her when Huo Yanyan caught her hand .

“Pretty girl, take this watch . I bought it for 80,000 yuan, you can sell it for at least 30,000 yuan . ” Huo Yanyan slipped the watch into her hand .

“I don’t want it . ” The young nurse was scared .

“Can you call this number and ask him to see me?”


“Please . Besides the watch, I have other gifts for you . Don’t let those gossiping bitches or anyone else know about it . ”

Huo Yanyan’s voice was small and her face was blocked by the nurse, so the surveillance camera couldn’t see their conversation .

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“It’s against the rules . I’ll be fired for it . ”

“I’m not crazy . I was framed . Please help me; I’ll pay you back in my next life . ” With tears in her eyes, Huo Yanyan played a tragic victim .

Finally, the young nurse took the phone number and walked out .

Glancing at the number, she noticed it wasn’t the number of Mr . Shen who often came to visit her .

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