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Chapter 3519: 3519
Chapter 3519 Who“s Behind Huo Yanyan 9

This was a new place for her, and she didn’t want to trouble Aunt Su with these trivial things, so she wanted to solve her room and board in the company .

Coming from an ordinary family, she arrived with a bank card containing only 5,000 yuan .

1,000 of it was an allowance that her mother gave to her, and she earned the other 4,000 yuan by teaching students to dance .

With the little money on her, she couldn’t live in a hotel or she’d go broke very soon .

“Um… I’ll arrange it later,” Huo Mian said .

After all, she had told Su Yu that the girl was her distant relative, so she couldn’t move into Su Yu’s house as Zeng Rou had done .

“President Su, where do other trainees live?”

“They all live in the company dorms,” Su Yu said .

“Can I live in the dorm, too? I can pay for it,” Han Yueyao said .

“Um…” Su Yu glanced at Huo Mian, not sure what to do .

“Don’t live in the dorm . I’ll rent an apartment for you, Yao . ” Huo Mian was afraid Aunt Su would be displeased if she allowed the girl to live in the dorm .

She intended to pay for the rent for the girl .

“Sister Mian, I’m not a spoiled rich girl… I used to live in a dorm accommodating six girls in the dancing academy . The school offers better rooms shared by four people or even two people, but I didn’t want to take too much money from my parents since my tuition in the past years was a great burden for them . They work for salaries and don’t have any extra income . I’d hate to burden them more than necessary . ”

The others were surprised to hear her words .

Su Yu glanced at the girl and then at Huo Mian .

“You don’t have to pay for the boarding . The dorm rooms are provided to trainees for free . You can live there if you want, but don’t worry, you only need to share a room with one girl,” said Su Yu .

“Wow, that’s great . Thank you, Su Yu . ”

“You can’t call me Su Yu in the company,” Su Yu told her .

“Got it, President Su . ” Han Yueyao grinned, revealing her cute canine tooth .

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They finished the supper cheerfully . Then Han Yueyao followed Su Yu to his car .

“Huh? Aren’t you going to stay at Huo Mian’s place tonight?” Su Yu thought that she was Huo Mian’s relative .

“It’s late . I’ll go and see Sister Mian’s daughters on the weekend . Tonight, I want to go to the dorm and see if I need anything, so I can buy them while the night is still young . ”

“Yaoyao, it’s too late for that . Come and stay the night at my home . ”

“Thank you, Sister Mian . But I’m a grown woman and you don’t have to worry about me . ”

Seeing her determination, Huo Mian didn’t pursue the topic .

Su Yu nodded and drove Han Yueyao to the employees’ dorm building near Imperial Star with An .

When she entered her room, she found her roommate hadn’t returned yet .

She unpacked and made a list of daily necessities that she needed to buy .

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Then, Mrs . Su’s call came .


“Hello, Auntie Su . ”

“Mian told me that you’re in the employees’ dorm?”

“Yeah . ”

“But I’ve arranged a two-bedroom apartment for you . ”

“It’s not necessary, Auntie . You’ve done more than enough for me by getting me into Imperial Star . I’m indebted to you . ”

“Don’t mention it . Your teacher is my good friend and it’s my duty to take care of you . ”

“Thank you, but I can’t impose on you like this . I’ll feel embarrassed . ”

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“Yao, did you see my son Su Yu?”

“Yes, I did . ”

“What do you think of him?” Mrs . Su asked directly .

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