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Chapter 3496: 3496
Chapter 3496 Amy, We Meet Again 6

“Then… I saw her back…”

Qin Chu didn’t speak; he just wiped the tears from Huo Mian’s face gently .

“I saw many scars on her back… There are so many . It was a shocking sight . ”

Huo Mian’s voice shook as if she was reliving the scene .

Qin Chu was not surprised . After all, Lu Yan had been a mercenary for years and couldn’t remain unscathed .

Not long ago, she had been sieged in a cold storage room by Ian and his men and almost died together with them .

“Lu Yan is a mercenary and lives her life dealing with danger each day . When she fights with people, does a killing mission, and gets hunted down, she can’t always get away unscathed,” Qin Chu explained patiently .

“Honey, she’s only 20 years old . In our country, girls at her age are in college and date boyfriends in pretty clothes or go out to have fun with their good friends . But Yan…” More tears gushed out .

“Honey, everyone has a different life… Lu Yan has her own life . Even though you two are sisters by blood, you live in two totally different worlds . You can’t change the facts . ”

“I wish she was the firstborn, so I could live this life for her . ”

“But no one can live one’s life again . I know you love Yan, but you can’t change her life . Honey, you’re smart . Don’t you understand this simple fact?”

Soothing her, Qin Chu held Huo Mian tightly in his arms .

Meanwhile, Lu Yan finished her shower and changed into pajamas; then she went to the twins’ room to play games with them until they fell asleep at midnight .

Changing into a black windbreaker, she packed some necessities and walked downstairs .

It was midnight and everyone in South Hill Manor had fallen asleep .

She didn’t want to say goodbye to her sister since she didn’t want to see her sister cry .

She didn’t like crying or feeling soft-hearted .

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She planned to leave silently and send a message to her sister when she was gone .

With a bag in her hand, she left through the back door without alerting the security guards at the gate .

Her subordinates remaining in the city picked her up and drove to the pier .

Standing behind a big tree near the house, Huo Mian cried silently, feeling heart-broken to see Lu Yan leave alone .

She wanted to give Lu Yan a good life but realized she was helpless and couldn’t change anything .

“It’s drafty here . Let’s go back in . ”

Qin Chu draped a coat on her shoulders and walked her back to the bedroom .

Lu Yan left without a warning, as abruptly as she had come .

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Su Yu knew nothing about it .

An got up in the morning and sent a message to Lu Yan but received no response .

The number he saved on his cellphone was the one that Lu Yan used in China temporarily .

Once she left, she would not log onto WeChat, for fear it would expose her whereabouts .

Receiving no response, An mustered his courage and dialed her number .

But no one answered .

Gritting his teeth, he called Huo Mian .

“President Huo . ”

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“An, what’s up?” Huo Mian sounded dispirited .

“Is Miss Lu Yan with you? She likes Lotus Leaf Rice Noodles, right? I saw a new restaurant had opened on Tianyi Road and its rice noodles are quite good . I wanted to ask her if she’d like to try it . ”

“It’s not necessary . She left . ” Huo Mian sounded a bit tired .

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