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Published at 19th of August 2020 03:10:05 AM
Chapter 3489: 3489
3489 Doctor Huo“s Female Bodyguard 9

“my sister got worked up today…” lu yan chuckled .

“your sister is a doctor and pregnant . it’s natural for her to be pissed off by the whole thing . ” zhu lingling chuckled, too .

huo mian strode into the restaurant and walked to the gift dropping place with a fierce look on her face .

she took back her gold gift from them .

“hey! miss… what are you doing?” immediately, the staff tried to stop her .

“i just took back my own gift . ” huo mian was pissed off .

“but… you just gave it out as a wedding gift . ”

“so what? the gift is for people, not for dogs… i just don’t want to give them the gift now, okay?”

“how can you take back the wedding gift?” they tried to reason with her .

“i’ll take not only mine but my bestie’s gift, as well…”

huo mian picked up zhu lingling’s gift, too .

“hey! security! someone’s robbing us of gold…”

“call the cops . we’ll see who will get humiliated . by the way, my bestie’s husband is chief gao of the municipal public security bureau . ”

hearing her words, the staff exchanged a look and didn’t know what they should do .

huo mian left with the gold gifts that she and lingling had bought .

“my hero! well done . i applaud you . ” zhu lingling laughed .

she had been wondering why mian returned to the restaurant until she saw huo mian come back with their gifts .

“haha! sis, you’re so childish…”

lu yan had never seen her sister behave so adorably before .

“you can call me childish, but i just can’t allow the jerks who beat a pregnant woman to take money from us . ”

huo mian felt han xu’s wife was even worse than him . it was pure evil that she ordered han xu to kick his pregnant ex-girlfriend .

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“well done, sis . now that you got your revenge, let’s go . ”

lu yan opened the car door and asked her sister and zhu lingling to get in .

at this moment, huo mian’s cellphone rang .

speaking for a while on the phone, she hung up .

“as i expected, the pregnant woman was delivered to south side . her condition is urgent and complex; i must hurry over and perform surgery on her . ”

“how about the other doctors?” zhu lingling asked .

“the doctors of the ob/gyn department are all there, but the case is complex and they don’t dare to do the surgery . i need to go and decide the surgery plan before signing it . ”

“okay . i’ll go with you . ”

zhu lingling decided to go to the hospital with huo mian .

“sit tight, sis…”

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lu yan raced all the way to south side .

changing into scrubs, huo mian hurried into the or, leaving zhu lingling and lu yan in her office waiting for her .

the operation lasted more than two hours .

huo mian was drenched in sweat when she came out .

“sis, how did it go?” lu yan walked up and held her arm .

“she had metrorrhagia . we saved her but not the baby…” huo mian sounded fatigued .

“f*ck! that jerk han xu killed his own baby… he used to call wei dong a jerk behind his back; now i see wei dong, despite his impertinence, is so much better than him . ”

zhu lingling cursed and railed against han xu .

“we shouldn’t have attended the wedding . my sister got furious and fatigued because of it,” said lu yan .

“forget it . let’s go and have lunch . it’s on me . ” huo mian pulled them out of the office .

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“i won’t go eat in the cafeteria . ” zhu lingling remembered huo mian had won 1,000 yuan from her and decided to make the latter pay for a big meal for them .

“okay, i’ll take you guys to eat bbq . how about that?”

“good . ” zhu lingling nodded .

they walked into a nearby bbq restaurant . the moment they sat down, about a dozen men barged in with clubs in their hands .

“they are here . hit them . ” then the men swarmed up toward them .

huo mian and zhu lingling were a bit dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do .

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