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Chapter 3488: 3488

but even a man couldn’t take a woman from her wedding . after all, it was modern society with the advent of high technology, and a few security guards could get her out of here .

“don’t be silly, he wasn’t kidnapped . he left you of his own free will . it’s not worth it . ” huo mian tried to persuade the woman .

but the woman let go of huo mian’s hand and ran up again .

“han xu, if you don’t kick her out, i’ll dump you… then the job my dad got for you…” before the bride could finish, han xu kicked the woman on the belly .

“get out… now…”

han xu’s kick was forceful . the woman fell to the floor, and her face paled instantly .

“come, get her out of here . she’s just facking bad luck…” the bride laughed smugly and called the security guards to carry the woman out .

huo mian saw blood oozed out of the woman’s body when she was carried out .

seeing the sight, huo mian gritted her teeth and strode to han xu, slapping him with a resonating sound . everyone in the room was stupefied .

“huo mian, you…” han xu was dazed by the slap, not expecting the gentle and low-keyed huo mian would slap him in front of so many people .

“han xu, you’re a scumbag . if you want to marry money, you shouldn’t have had a damned girlfriend and lived with her for years . now you kicked your ex-girlfriend to brownnose your wife . this baby is your child… are you still a man?”

huo mian railed against him sternly .

she knew it wasn’t her business, but she was furious because these people violated her bottom line .

if someone beat a pregnant woman on the street, she wouldn’t ignore it, either . nowadays, people were too cold; if they continued like this, one day, there would be no warmth left in the world .

“hey! i say… who do you think you are? why did you hit my husband?” seeing han xu was slapped, the bride felt humiliated .

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even though she knew huo mian’s identity, she still walked up to argue with huo mian with a fierce look .

huo mian glanced at her coldly . “you’re also a woman and will become a mother one day . don’t be so mean to other women, or karma will catch up to you in the end . ”

“whom are you talking about? what’s wrong with you? are you crazy…?”

huo mian turned to leave .

furious, the bride stuck out her leg, trying to trip her .

swiftly, lu yan moved to her sister’s side and steadied her; meanwhile, she stomped hard on the bride’s foot .

“ahh…” instantly, her scream resonated across the whole restaurant .

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“it hurts so much… you can’t go . stop…”

seeing lu yan and huo mian walking out, the bride tried to stop them .

“forget it . don’t make more trouble . don’t you think it’s been humiliating enough for us today?” han xu stopped her .

“my foot hurts so much . i can’t even walk . ah… my bones are broken . ”

yeah . seeing the fat woman trying to trip mian, lu yan decided to teach this evil woman a good lesson .

so she had used full strength in her stomp and broke at least three toes .

“sis, don’t walk so fast . where are you going?”

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“that pregnant woman is in critical condition . i want to ask them if they delivered her to south side . i’ll go and see if i can help her . ”

“my goodness, you never forget your job . sis, you’re on vacation . ” lu yan was exasperated .

“but that child is five months old . i don’t know if he can survive it…”

then huo mian stopped when an idea dawned on her . she turned and hurried back to the restaurant .

“my mian! what are you going to do now?” zhu lingling was puzzled about mian’s behavior today .

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