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Published at 18th of August 2020 04:25:08 AM
Chapter 3487: 3487

3487 Doctor Huo“s Female Bodyguard 7

“han xu, is money and position so important to you?”

the woman called han xu’s name directly .

“what are you talking about? you shouldn’t have come here . get out…”

with a pale face, han xu urged the woman to go in a low voice .

“i won’t go . why should i go? i’m not the other woman . han xu, you lived with me for years and dumped me for a woman with money and a position . are you still a man?”

“i gave you money for compensation, didn’t i? what else do you want?”

“i don’t want money . i’ll never abort this baby . ”

“who’s this woman?”

before han xu could speak, the fierce-looking bride walked over with her 140-pounds body .

“i’m han xu’s girlfriend . i lived with him for years,” the woman said .

“so what? you two are not married, right?

“if you’re not married, you’re not protected by the law . you should have made him marry you . if you couldn’t do it, don’t come and make trouble for us . ”

obviously, the woman knew about han xu’s past .

“you’re the other woman . you ruined our relationship . you are despicable . ” the woman was furious .

“the other woman? who is the other woman? he and i got our marriage certificate last week and today is our wedding . i’m his wife protected by law . you are the other woman . ”

“han xu, i don’t want money . i don’t want anything . please don’t marry her . our baby is over five months now . it’s a boy; he’s your son . ”

the woman tried to use the baby to win back the man who was lured away by money .

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“anya, stop it, okay? i told you we broke up… you took the money and now came to make trouble for me?”

han xu was unmoved .

“come, get this mad woman out of here . she’s disgusting…”

not wanting to waste her breath on the woman, han xu’s wife called people to get the woman out .

“i won’t go . i won’t leave without han xu . i love him… han xu, i’ll work hard to give you whatever you want . please don’t marry her . ”

crying hysterically, the woman ran up and grabbed han xu’s clothes .

but han xu’s robust wife kicked her in the belly .

the woman held her belly and dropped to the floor slowly .

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“hey! i tell you, you can’t blackmail me… i’ve seen lots of women like you . stop acting . ”

the robust bride railed against the woman .

huo mian strode up; zhu lingling tried to stop her, but it was too late .

“hey, mian… don’t mind their mess . ” zhu lingling was exasperated .

huo mian wouldn’t have intervened if the woman abused wasn’t five months pregnant . as a pregnant woman, she could relate to another pregnant woman and knew the preciousness of the baby .

“are you okay?” huo mian ran over and helped the woman up .

looking at her big belly, huo mian thought the woman was silly to fight for this scumbag .

lu yan followed her sister closely to protect her .

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“i’m fine… thank you, but don’t mind me . i’m determined . i won’t leave without him…” the woman held her belly and insisted on taking han xu from the wedding .

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