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Chapter 3486: 3486

“you… you… you…”

han xu’s wife was so furious that her hands shook .

she grabbed han xu’s sleeve and said, “honey, look at her…”

“honey, calm down . i’ll introduce them to you…”

looking at huo mian, han xu said, “this is my old classmate huo mian, the chief physician of the neurology department and vice director of south side recuperation center . her husband is the president of the gk group . ”

“what?” the bride was stunned .

“she… she’s… huo mian?”

the bride only heard han xu say “great beauty huo”, so she didn’t know the woman before her was huo mian .

in fact, almost every young person in c city knew huo mian’s name .

she was a legend as the present-day cinderella and a young intern nurse who had been promoted all the way to the position of vice director .

the bride’s expression showed that she knew about huo mian .

she just hadn’t expected that this elegant and gentle woman standing before her was huo mian .

“hello, i’m huo mian . ”

“vice director huo, i was rude to you; please don’t take it to heart . i just like joking . ”

she took huo mian’s hand intimately and leaned over but was pushed away by lu yan roughly .

“get away from her; she’s pregnant . thank you,” lu yan said expressionlessly .

“this…” han xu looked a bit awkward .

“she’s my bodyguard…” huo mian introduced yan briefly .

to change the topic, han xu turned to introduce zhu lingling .

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“this is zhu lingling; her husband is gao ran, the youngest chief of the municipal public security bureau . ”

“oh! you’re mrs . bureau chief . nice to meet you . ”

hearing zhu lingling’s background, the bride dared not to feel offended by her previous remark .

immediately, she walked up and greeted zhu lingling warmly, changing her attitude faster than the weather .

zhu lingling gave her a hard look…

“okay . that’s enough talking . we’re hungry . let’s go and eat . ”

“please come in,” han xu and his bride ushered them in with great warmth .

lu yan passed the bride from behind and flicked her dagger .

her movement was too swift for anyone to notice .

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three seconds later, the bride’s red nightgown slid open from the back to the bottom, exposing the white bra and underwear underneath .

“ah…” panicked, the bride squatted down and covered her face .

“what happened?”

han xu immediately took off his suit jacket and draped it around his wife .

every guest was dumbfounded, thinking the bride was putting on a stripping show .

“hahaha…” zhu lingling laughed hysterically .

“the damned woman deserves it…” zhu lingling watched the scene with satisfaction .

understanding dawned on huo mian . she glanced at yan beside her and asked in a low voice, “did you do it?”

“bingo . ” lu yan chuckled .

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“you… just stop messing around . ”

“the woman was rude to you… anyone who messes with you is messing with me . it’s only a small lesson for her . ” lu yan shrugged .

at this moment, a commotion came from the crowd .

huo mian and lu yan looked toward the entrance and saw a sweet-looking woman dressed in a white wedding gown walking in . her belly was as big as huo mian’s .

“fuck . i have a feeling that she’s here to crash the wedding . mian, do you want to bet against me for 1000 yuan?” zhu lingling leaned toward huo mian and asked .

“no,” huo mian refused without hesitation .

zhu lingling: “…”

“what… what are you doing here?” han xu was astonished to see the woman .

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