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Chapter 3485: 3485
Chapter 3485 Doctor Huo“s Female Bodyguard 5

“i told you we won’t pass with fake gold,” huo mian said in a low voice .

“damn it . now i think even the fake ones are too good for him . ” zhu lingling was piqued .

under the gazes of the staff, huo mian and zhu lingling took out the gold gifts they had bought in the jewelry shop .

after the gifts were weighed and tested, they passed the examination and were ushered into the banquet hall .

“miss zhu lingling, don’t forget my 1,000 yuan red pocket,” huo mian reminded her .

“okay . i’ll transfer it to you this very minute . ” zhu lingling took out her cellphone and sent huo mian five 200 yuan red pockets .

huo mian accepted them cheerfully .

“you can damn stop working as a doctor now . with the money you blackmailed from us, you don’t have to earn a living . ” zhu lingling laughed .

“in fact, i showed mercy on you, afraid you’d be so sad that you’d kill yourself . ”

“no way . even the shameless han xu hasn’t killed himself yet, how can i do it?”

the moment she said it, they saw han xu and his bride walk over hand in hand .

zhu lingling’s voice was loud and they heard her .

han xu looked embarrassed .

his bride glanced at huo mian and zhu lingling coldly .

“honey, who are they?”

“they are my old classmates . ” han xu put on a smile .

“you’ve got lots of old classmates from your elementary school, junior middle school, high school, and university . which group are they in?” the bride continued to ask .

“my high school classmates . ”

“oh… they went to the 2nd high school…” the bride said with obvious disdain .

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the 2nd high school was well known, but many kids from ordinary families entered it with good scores, so the school was in the lower rung among its high-end peers .

“lingling, great beauty huo, welcome!” as he had done in high school, han xu called huo mian “great beauty huo” .

displeased, the bride sized up huo mian .

“is she your class belle?”

“um… yes . ” nodding, han xu smiled at huo mian .

“the guys in your class are pathetic . if she was your class belle, then you guys would have been stunned if i went to your school . ”

obviously, the bride was not happy that han xu called the ordinary-looking huo mian “great beauty huo” .

“don’t listen to him . he was kidding . i wasn’t the class belle,” feeling a bit awkward, huo mian explained .

but the bride refused to be softened .

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“whoa . don’t be modest… it’s fine . anyway, there were few pretty girls in your 2nd high school, so it’s nothing unusual that you were the class belle . ”

“hey! how can you say things like this? are you trying to mess with us?” zhu lingling immediately raised her voice .

“my wife likes to joke . hehe, don’t take it to heart,” han xu explained hurriedly .

“it didn’t sound like a joke . what? do you think the 2nd high school is beneath your notice? then you shouldn’t have married han xu . he’s also from the 2nd high school . don’t play snobby with me . ”

zhu lingling had a quick temper and never showed consideration to people’s feelings as huo mian did .

she vented out all her resentment .

the bride was furious .

she pointed at zhu lingling and yelled, “you… you… dare to talk to me like this . do you know who my dad is?”

“i don’t care who your dad is . i don’t want to be your mom, so i don’t want to know,” zhu lingling retorted .

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hearing the classical retort, huo mian almost laughed .

zhu lingling was indeed a tough woman .

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