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Published at 14th of August 2020 04:45:05 AM
Chapter 3469: 3469

“I don’t . ”

“What the f*ck, we’ve been friends since forever; how can you not love me?” Tang Chuan asked with frustration .

“I don’t like guys, why would I love you? Just tell me what you want . ”

“Haha, let me rephrase… are we good friends or not?”

“We are not . ” Su Yu shook his head without hesitation .

“Seriously, you’re breaking my heart here . ”

“I know you’re up to something . ” Su Yu knew Tang Chuan too well . He wouldn’t be here if he didn’t want something… especially since he’s been so busy planning his proposal to Qin Ning .

As expected…

“Haha, Yu, you know me too well…”

“You should know that I refuse to lend you money, cars, or my mansion . In a nutshell, I refuse . ”

“Come on, am I that poor that I have to borrow money from you? Don’t worry, it’s none of that . It’s not borrowing a car or a house either . ”

“Then I bet it’s something worse . If money can’t fix it, I will definitely refuse . ”

“F*ck you, don’t be so mean . How can you refuse me before hearing what I need from you? I thought we were friends!”

“You thought wrong . ”

“Are you ending our friendship?”

“Yeah . ”

“Okay, if this is how you want to play, then let’s play . ”

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“Play what?” Su Yu scrolled through his computer as he chit chatted with Tang Chuan .

“If you don’t help me, I will go on a live stream tonight and tell everyone that you’re looking for a girlfriend and holding a pageant . Then, you’ll have crazy girl fans stalking out at your home and at work . ”

Su Yu: “… You’re just as bad as Mian . ”

Didn’t Huo Mian just say something about a pageant? Did they plan this?

“Hahah, really? Did she say the same thing?” Tang Chuan burst out in laughter .

“Shut up and get out of my face, I’m too busy . ”

“Come on, please! I really need your help . ”

“Fine, shoot . Do you want monetary assistance?”

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“I need physical assistance . ” Tang Chuan smiled evilly .

“Physical assistance?” Su Yu was confused .

“Yeah! I really want to give Ning an unforgettable proposal . I thought about it for a long time and asked around, but none of the ideas seemed good enough… but today Lu Yan gave me an idea . You know who she is, right? She’s really pretty . ”

“Yeah . ”

“She enlightened me with a really good idea this morning . ”

“Have you gone mad? How can you ask her, she’s nothing but trouble!”

“Haha, it’ll be fine! It’s risky, but I love the anticipation . ”

“Anticipation? I think you’re looking for a beating, if you listen to Lu Yan, Qin Ning will for sure slap you in the face . ”

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“No she won’t! Listen, I need someone to finish the act with me . I’ve given it some thought, and… you’re the best candidate . ”

“What do you need?”

“Here, come here and I’ll tell you . ” Tang Chuan gestured, and Su Yu leaned in unwillingly .

Tang Chuan then proceeded to whisper the entirety of Lu Yan’s plan into Su Yu’s ear .

The latter’s face dropped almost immediately . “I knew Lu Yan’s idea was going to be nuts . ”

“Yu, please help me! This is the only time in my life that I will ever propose to someone, please!” Tang Chuan begged Su Yu with all his heart .

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