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Chapter 3468: 3468

“Sure, Miss Zeng . ”

“Please don’t hurt Su Yu… no matter what happens, don’t hurt him . He’s in a lot of pain . ”

“I won’t, he’s one of my best friends,” Huo Mian said without hesitation .

“Thank you for listening to me blabber on and on . I’m going to go now . ” Zeng Rou then stood up to leave .

“Miss Zeng . ”

Zeng Rou turned around slowly upon hearing Huo Mian call her name .

“Are you leaving the city?”

“Yes, I’m going home now . I don’t belong here . ”

“Will you come back?”

“I’m not sure . If after a few years Su Yu wants to get married and I’m still single… I would still come back . ” Then, Zeng Rou smiled faintly and turned around to leave .

She really did come just to give Huo Mian the shoes .

After Zeng Rou left, Huo Mian stared at the shoes on her desk . She opened them and felt a surge of warmth upon seeing that none of them had heels .

Su Yu was very considerate and always good to her, but… he couldn’t stay single for the rest of his life .

After some thought, Huo Mian took out a pair of shoes and put them on . They were exactly her size, and the soles were really soft . She knew the brand – they weren’t cheap .

Huo Mian took a photo of herself wearing the shoes, and sent the photo to Su Yu .

He quickly responded: “?”

Huo Mian: “Are they pretty?”

Su Yu: “Are you talking about your feet or your shoes?”

Huo Mian: “Haha, my shoes of course . ”

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Su Yu: “They’re not bad . ”

Huo Mian: “Thanks for the shoes . ”

Su Yu: “Um, what? Did I give them to you?”

Obviously, Su Yu had forgotten about the shoes; to him, all shoes looked alike .

Huo Mian: “Zeng Rou’s just left, and she gave me three pairs of shoes . She said you bought them for me . ”

Su Yu: “Come on, don’t listen to her . She’s mad at me, I’m sure that’s why she said all that . I bought those shoes for her . Mian, I don’t want you and Qin Chu to misunderstand . ”

Su Yu had obviously overreacted; he was afraid that his present would cause a misunderstanding between Qin Chu and Huo Mian, so he kept denying that the shoes were for her .

Huo Mian knew what Su Yu was trying to do, so she went with it . She didn’t want things to be awkward for them .

Huo Mian: “That’s perfect, you guys fought and I got presents . They’re very comfortable, I love them . ”

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Su Yu: “Oh, I’m glad you do . ”

Huo Mian: “What happened between you and Zeng Rou?”

Su Yu: “What… did she tell you?”

Su Yu wondered how much Zeng Rou told Huo Mian; after all, she was a blunt person .

Huo Mian: “Nothing much, she told me your personalities clashed and she didn’t want to stay any longer . So, she’s going home . ”

Su Yu: “She’s going back to her city?”

Huo Mian: “Mhm, she is . If you feel bad, you should ask her to stay . She’s not a madwoman, you guys should try dating . What if you develop feelings for her?”

Su Yu: “Forget it, we’re not a good match, and I don’t want to date her . I can be friends with her, but dating her is a different story . ”

Huo Mian: “Fine then, I know you’re a picky person . But you’re not that young anymore, you should find someone to settle down with . Oh, I have an idea . Let’s hold a pageant for you so you can pick someone, like the emperors used to do, what do you think?”

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Su Yu: “Forget it, you’re blabbering . Go back to work, don’t worry about this stuff with me . ”

Upon realizing that Su Yu didn’t want to talk about it, Huo Mian changed the subject and hung up after exchanging some niceties .

Although what happened made Su Yu feel awkward, he was still delighted that those shoes ended up on Huo Mian’s feet… since he originally bought them for her .

“Yu, Yu!” Tang Chuan suddenly burst into Su Yu’s office .

“What’s up?” Su Yu put away his phone .

“Do you love me or not?” Tang Chuan tilted his head and asked coyishly .

“Why are you being such a pervert?” Su Yu glared at him .

“Come on, tell me, do you love me?”

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