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Published at 14th of August 2020 04:10:05 AM
Chapter 3467: 3467

“Why? I thought everything was going well . ”

“Because something that happened last night left me very unhappy . ”

“Isn’t that normal for couples? You shouldn’t move out, you guys need to talk about it,” Huo Mian said patiently .

“No, that’s not it, we’re not actually dating anyways, so we can’t talk about it like normal couples would . ” Then, Zeng Rou placed a few shopping bags on Huo Mian’s desk before she could respond .

“What is this?” Huo Mian frowned; these bags looked familiar .

“These were the shoes Su Yu had purchased for you . I don’t know why he didn’t give them to you, but he ended up giving them to me . They’re not my size… I accepted them because Su Yu gave them to me . I knew the shoes were for you, but I still wanted to keep them . However… it seems like he and I won’t work out . Su Yu’s been great to me and took really good care of me . I wanted to give you these shoes, it’s my last present to him . ”

After hearing Zeng Rou’s speech, Huo Mian felt a complicated slur of emotions . She knew something was off about Su Yu that day when he came to see her with those shoes .

Qin Chu was here that day, and that was why Su Yu said the shoes for his mother . However, the shoes ended up with Zeng Rou, who then gave them back to Huo Mian . It was quite funny .

“Zeng Rou, if he gave them to you, they’re yours . ”

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“But they don’t belong to me… Su Yu’s a complicated man… he’s straightforward but timid, why else would he refuse to give you those shoes? He knows you’re happily married and are a mother to two beautiful children, so he doesn’t want to mess up your life . He’s loved you silently and has done everything he could for you . Perhaps that’s all he needs . ”

Huo Mian bit down on her lips but didn’t say anything; she didn’t want to seem contentious, nor could she ignore that uneasy feeling in her heart .

“Zeng Rou, Su Yu’s a good man . You should’ve stayed with him . ” Huo Mian realized that Zeng Rou was a weird woman who talked a big talk . However, she had never done anything to hurt Su Yu nor interfere with her and Su Yu’s friendship .

She was quite different from the women who had approached Su Yu in the past .

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“I’ll pass, I can’t change Su Yu’s mind, and I can’t warm up his heart… I’m still young, I don’t want to waste my time anymore . ” Then, Zeng Rou stood up with a smile .

“Dr . Huo, I know you’ve doubted my intentions, since after all I barged into your lives so suddenly and moved into Su Yu’s home . You probably all think that I wanted more… But you know about my family; we don’t need the Su Family to survive, and Su Yu’s not the only good looking man in this country… but why did I like him? You probably won’t believe me, but I was once betrayed by a boyfriend, and found it hard to trust another man . When Su Yu’s aunt first told me about Su Yu, I thought he was just another asshole . Later, I heard about what happened between you guys, and realized that Su Yu was a man who valued relationships . I know you guys won’t end up together, so I thought maybe one day his heart would float towards me… wouldn’t that be great? That’s why I came . ”

Huo Mian didn’t respond, and continued to listen quietly .

“Dr . Huo, can I ask you one selfish favor?” Zeng Rou’s eyes welled up with tears as she suddenly changed the subject .

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