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Published at 13th of August 2020 11:10:05 PM
Chapter 3464: 3464

“Mhm, they had four or five people, but none of them were very good . We finished them off pretty quickly . ”

“Who do they work for?” Su Yu asked faintly .

“They said they were Miss Nie’s fans and claimed that you cheated on her . ”

“Did you look into it?”

“I am, but I think someone else did it so they could place blame on Miss Nie . She doesn’t seem like someone who would let her fans be this crazy . Plus, they had knives with them, which means they came prepared . ”

“They dug their own graves . ”

“They totally did, Lu Yan did a great job teaching them a lesson . ” An’s eyes sparkled at the thought of Lu Yan .

“Enough, you get so excited when you talk about Lu Yan . It’s late, you should go to bed . ”

“Okay, is Miss Zeng alright?” Worried, An’s gaze landed upstairs .

“She should be fine, it’s probably because she’s drunk . ” Su Yu felt like Zeng Rou would return to normal the next day, but to his surprise, by the time he had woken up, she had left .

“President Su… Miss Zeng’s gone . ” An was the first to notice because he woke up earlier than Su Yu . Usually, Zeng Rou would be downstairs making breakfast at this hour, but the kitchen was extremely quiet this morning . Plus, she didn’t respond to his WeChat messages nor phone calls .

Worried that Zeng Rou wasn’t feeling well, An had gone upstairs to knock on her door, but no one responded . Finally, he opened the door to find an empty room .

Everything she owned was gone…

“She left?” Su Yu asked with surprise .

“Mhm, I bet it’s because she’s angry about what happened last night . She took everything with her . ”

“I’m glad she left . ” After calming down, Su Yu realized that her leaving might not be a bad thing . After all, he didn’t like her, but who was to say that nothing will happen between them? After all, they lived under the same roof .

He didn’t want to be with her, so he shouldn’t waste her time .

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“Don’t you want to know where she went? Should we ask the security for footage?”

“It’s fine, she’s a grown woman, I’m sure someone picked her up . If she didn’t say goodbye, we should stay out of her business . ”

“Okay then, I guess no one’s going to make us breakfast this morning . ” An sighed .

“Are we supposed to starve now that she’s gone?”

“Ha, President Su, are you going to cook?” An asked with excitement .

“In your dreams! Go make some breakfast . I want fried eggs, a sandwich, and milk . ”

“I’m making breakfast?” An asked helplessly .

“Of course!”

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“I really wish Lu Yan was here, I bet she makes delicious breakfast . ” Nowadays, An couldn’t stop talking about Lu Yan; no wonder everyone on earth knew that he had feelings for her .

“You’re kidding me right, if Lu Yan made breakfast, she would probably blow up the kitchen . ” Although Su Yu didn’t know Lu Yan very well, he did see how she easily defeated Tang Chuan the night before . He was 100% sure that her temper was as short as the hair on his arm .

Zeng Rou’s sudden departure didn’t affect Su Yu and An’s lives very much; the two men continued with their lives just like always .

South Hill Manor, on the other hand, was busier than ever – Tang Chuan arrived early morning to bum off breakfast .

“Uncle Tang, why are you here so early?” Even Little Bean noticed that something was off .

“Haha, I’m here to ask your mommy for help,” Tang Chuan laughed mysteriously .

“You’re here for the proposal, right?” Pudding asked as she took a bite of toast .

“Smart girl! I know Dr . Huo is the smartest girl around us… so I wanted to bestow upon her this important mission . ”

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“Um, okay then, I guess you should talk to Mommy . ” The twins then proceeded to go on eating, ignoring Tang Chuan’s presence .

At this time, Huo Mian and Lu Yan came downstairs for breakfast .

“Good morning, Sis-in-Law and… little sis of Sis-in-Law . ” Tang Chuan wasn’t sure what to call Lu Yan, so he just opted for “little sis of Sis-in-Law” .

“Why are you here so early? What do you want now?” Huo Mian couldn’t help but laugh .

“You need to help me with proposing to Qin Ning, I need a good idea . ”

“Wait, didn’t I help you last night?” Lu Yan raised her chin and looked straight at Tang Chuan .

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