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Published at 13th of August 2020 11:10:06 PM
Chapter 3463: 3463

But before she could touch his skin, Su Yu turned around and pushed her away forcefully .

Caught off guard by the forceful push, Zeng Rou dropped to the floor .

“Zeng Rou, you’re taking the acting too seriously . ”

“Yes . I’m serious . I truly love you . Okay?” Zeng Rou’s eyes brimmed up with frustration .

“Didn’t we agree that we’re only helping each other?”

“But I can’t control myself . You know Dr . Huo’s married, but you still love her, right?”

“Don’t drag Mian into our business . ”

Su Yu didn’t like people bringing Huo Mian’s name into conversations with him since his relationship with Huo Mian was complicated and couldn’t be explained with a few words .

“I know . I don’t want to drag her into our business . I wanted to say… I’m only human and have feelings; after staying by your side for so long, I’ve fallen in love with you . ”

“I’m sorry…” Su Yu bit on his lip and was at a loss for words .

Different from those female movie stars, Zeng Rou had a fierce and determined personality, so Su Yu didn’t want to hurt her feelings .

“I don’t want your damned apology . I want you to like me… If you don’t like me yet, you can have sex with me first . People say one might fall in love for the other if they sleep together . ”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do it . ”

“Su Yu, do you truly want to remain single for the rest of your life? You can’t get Huo MIan, so you’ll marry no one else?”

“I haven’t thought so far ahead . The future is distant . ”

“Then for whom do you remain celibate?” Zeng Rou wept .

“I do it for myself, for my heart…” Su Yu raised his hand and pointed at his own chest .

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“Hehe… It seems I overestimated myself . I thought… you’d give me a chance . ”

Su Yu was silent…

“It seems you wouldn’t want me even if I offered to sleep with you . Even if I ask nothing from you, you still don’t want to touch me . I think… you just feel nothing about me…”

“I always regarded you as my friend,” Su Yu said with difficulty .

“Friend? Hehe…” Zeng Rou sneered .

“Mr . Su . Young Master Su . Would you wake up? No matter how shameless I am, I would never stay in a friend’s home without an invitation . From the first day I moved in, I’ve been hoping we would end up together . ”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you . ”

“Yes . You indeed disappointed me . ”

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“I’m sorry,” Su Yu apologized again .

“Don’t say sorry again . Those three words grate on my nerves . Besides, you did nothing wrong . I’m the one who did wrong . ”

Zeng Rou stood up slowly and walked away slowly due to her foot injury .

“Go . I was impertinent tonight . ”

Then, she slammed the door closed .

Su Yu turned and went downstairs in embarrassment .

“President Su, what happened?”

In the living room on the first floor, An took out two cans of iced Coke from the fridge and handed one to Su Yu .

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“Nothing . ”

“I don’t believe you . I heard you two argue . ”

“Don’t ask . I’m in a foul mood . ” Su Yu gulped down a mouthful of Coke .

In fact, he wished he could sleep with women casually to numb himself, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it .

Maybe his heart was full of someone so much that he couldn’t spare any thoughts for any other women .

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was ambushed when I went down to the underground garage to get the car with Lu Yan . ”

“Ambushed?” Su Yu was surprised .

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