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Published at 13th of August 2020 11:10:06 PM
Chapter 3462: 3462

“No . Don’t listen to the bullshit of these fanatic fans…”

“What do we do now? Kill them all?” Lu Yan glanced at the guys indifferently .

An looked at Lu Yan incredulously .

“What did you say? Kill them all?”

“Do you want to save them for New Year’s Eve?” Lu Yan thought killing them was the easiest way to solve the problem .

“Sis, they are humans not animals . Even if they were homeless dogs or cats, you can’t kill them, right?”

“Fine . You let them go and they’ll come back to kill Su Yu again after they recover . ”

That said, Lu Yan turned toward Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s car .

“Hey! Lu Yan…” An wanted to explain, but Lu Yan didn’t give him the opportunity .

“Now get out of here and never come back again . I’m telling you, President Su has nothing to do with Miss Nie . If you don’t believe me, you can ask your goddess Miss Nie . Don’t come and make trouble for President Su, or I’ll show no mercy on you . ”

The guys lowered their heads and held their injuries in silence .

“What are you waiting for?” An roared .

“We… can’t move…”

An: “…”

“That woman broke our bones… Will we die? My goodness…”

An: “…”

“Please call 120 for us . I’m bleeding…”

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An: “…”

“You guys are really something else…”

An felt these bandits were really shameless to ask him to call 120 for them after attacking him and getting injured .

When An picked up his cellphone to call the ambulance, Lu Yan swooshed past him in Qin Chu’s car .

He knew Lu Yan was pissed .

An glanced at the guys who got their bones broken and found Lu Yan had broken their bones with only one move .

It seemed she was not only a good fighter but an expert in human anatomy, which convinced him that Lu Yan was not an ordinary rich woman .

– Inside Su Yu’s house –

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Since Zeng Rou’s leg was not fully recovered yet, Su Yu helped her to the door of her bedroom .

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Zeng Rou said .

“Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

“I’m hungry . Can you cook?” Zeng Rou asked .

“Um… Wait a minute . I’ll go get An to make noodles for you . ” Su Yu turned to leave, but Zeng Rou threw her arms around him from behind .

“What are you doing? Stop it…” Su Yu felt a bit awkward .

“Su Yu, can you stop liking Huo Mian? It’s fruitless… You’re a good guy and deserve a woman that belongs to you alone… You can’t crave for another guy’s woman . ”

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“Zeng Rou, you’re drunk . ”

Su Yu’s face turned dark at Zeng Rou’s words . He admitted that he loved Huo Mian, but he didn’t try to steal her from Qin Chu, so Zeng Rou’s words made him uncomfortable .

“If I didn’t go tonight, you’d feel even more embarrassed, right? Among them, you’re the only single guy . You’d die of embarrassment . ”

“Of course not . An was with me . ” Su Yu tried to joke .

He tried to remove Zeng Rou’s hands around him, feeling uncomfortable being so close to her .

“Su Yu, are you still a man? How long is it that you’ve been without a woman? Don’t you want to do it?”

Zeng Rou was furious at the humiliation and held Su Yu tighter .

She leaned toward him slowly to kiss the sensitive skin on the back of his neck .

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