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Published at 12th of August 2020 03:40:05 AM
Chapter 3460: 3460
Chapter 3460 Lu Yan“s Trick 10

“roses . ”

“um, right . what else?”


“yeah, there’s more . ”

“clothes? a handbag?” huo mian guessed .

“yeah, those too . but i’m sure you won’t guess the most important one . haha . ”

“what if i can guess it?” huo mian wanted to wipe the smug smile from her sister’s face .

“this is indeed difficult to guess . if your guess is right, i’ll give you one million . ”

“so much money?” huo mian thought it was unthinkable to set a bet of one million yuan .

“what are you afraid of? your husband is super rich, right?” lu yan thought it was a certain win for her .

“humph . you sound as if i will lose . ” huo mian obviously didn’t want to admit defeat .

“since you’re my sister, i’ll give you three chances to guess . if you miss all three guesses, you must give me one million yuan . ”

“fine . i’ll try . ”

huo mian liked playing along with lu yan . seeing lu yan was in a great mood, she humored her and agreed to the bet .

“a pistol?” huo mian thought yan would need such things .

it was said good guns were quite expensive, so she guessed the gift was a weapon .

“no . you’re wrong, wrong, wrong! haha! this is your first chance; two to go . ”

lu yan extended two fingers, feeling very proud .

“not a gun? well… let me think . a bomb?”

huo mian knew lu yan, a genius bomb expert, was obsessed with bombs like a panda obsessed with bamboo .

“no, no . hahaha! this is your second guess . sis… you’re finished . ”

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lu yan almost saw the victory on the horizon and she would soon win one million .

with two guesses wrong, huo mian lowered her head and began to think .

one minute later…

“are you done thinking? we don’t have the whole night . heihei… come on…” lu yan urged her .

“is it a set of body armor?”

“fuck… fuck…” lu yan was astonished .

“is it right or not?”

“how did you guess it? sis, did you call qiao fei and talk to him?” lu yan was stunned .

“nonsense . i don’t even know that fellow’s phone number . ”

“then… how did you guess it?” lu yan looked doubtful .

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“it’s simple . i used deduction . seeing how happy you are, i know it’s something you like… my first two guesses of a gun and a bomb missed the target; on second thought, i realized that qiao fei couldn’t possibly pass customs if he brought dangerous weapons with him . so i guess it must be something easy to carry . i heard the russian military factories are very good at producing all kinds of military weapons . the thing that’s most useful to a girl like you would be body armor . ”

“i was totally defeated…” lu yan cupped her hands .

when her sister calmed down and thought, her genius mind was extraordinary .

all her deductions were right .

“little girl, now hand over the money . i want cash . ” huo mian extended her hand to tease lu yan .

“pu… dr . huo, are you crazy? do you know how heavy one million yuan is in cash?”

“it’s fine . we have four people in the family; we can manage…”

“hahaha! you are pulling my leg…”

“i’m not . tell me who insisted on betting with me for one million yuan?”

“fine, fine . i transfer the money to you this very minute . tonight… is a money squandering night . ” lu yan turned on her watch and transferred the money swiftly .

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then an walked up to them from behind .

“lu yan, our president su is a bit drunk; i’ll drive him back home . he has a shareholders’ meeting tomorrow . ”

“i’ll go with you to get the car . my brother-in-law isn’t fit to drive, either . let’s go . ”

lu yan and an took the elevator to the parking lot on the second floor in the basement to drive their cars out to the gate .

an got close to su yu’s black lamborghini and was about to dig out the car key when lu yan yelled suddenly, “watch out!”

a man hacked a machete at an’s head . it looked extremely dangerous .

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