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Chapter 3458: 3458

“i know… but it’s expensive to buy my silence,” jiang xiaowei teased her .

“no problem . i’ll send you a red pocket . ”

then wei ying beamed and returned to chat with shen mingxi on wechat .

shen mingxi: “i was busy with work today; just came back from the company . ”

wei ying: “oh, you must take care not to tire yourself . ”

shen mingxi: “do you… have time right now?”

wei ying: “why ask?”

shen mingxi: “i haven’t eaten yet . do you want to come out and grab a bite with me?”

wei ying: “okay . i’m a bit hungry, too . ”

shen mingxi: “what do you think of the dumpling restaurant on the old street of chunshen road?”

wei ying: “okay . i’m in the mood for dumplings, too . ”

shen mingxi: “then i’ll go and pick you up at your home . ”

wei ying: “oh, that’s not necessary . i’m not at home . i’ll drive directly to the dumpling restaurant and meet you there . ”

shen mingxi: “okay, drive safe . ”

ending the chat, wei ying picked up her coat and stood up .

“big brother…”

wei ying walked to wei liao’s side; the latter was talking with tang chuan .

“what’s up?”

“i’m a bit sleepy . i’ll go home and sleep now . ”

“i’ll call the driver to come and chauffeur you home . ” wei liao was about to make the call when wei ying stopped him, “it’s not necessary . don’t worry about me . you’ve drunk enough; too much alcohol is not good for your health . ”

“got it . ”

wei liao was in the middle of an animated discussion with tang chuan and didn’t notice the subtle difference in wei ying’s face .

she then slipped out .

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when she arrived, shen mingxi was waiting for her .

“so fast?” shen mingxi smiled at her .

“yeah . there are few cars in the middle of the night, so it took less time than usual to get here . ”

“i ordered the pork and celery dumplings for you . ”

“good . i like celery . ” wei ying took off her coat with a smile .

shen mingxi picked up a rose from the empty chair to his right .

“it’s for you . when i got out of the car, i saw a kid was selling flowers here; then it dawned on me that today’s chinese valentine’s day… so i bought one . ”

“thank you . ”

wei ying took the rose with pleasure . if her memories served her right, this was their first time spending valentine’s day together .

when they went out before they got married, shen mingxi was always busy at the company and seldom celebrated special dates with her .

taking the single rose, wei ying was warmed by a sense of happiness that she hadn’t felt for a long time .

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she wasn’t happy when ye zhaoyang gave her 99 roses, but when she took the single rose that shen mingxi had bought for her as an afterthought, she was as happy as a child . after all, roses were not important, but the person who bought the roses was .

while she was happy to receive the rose, shen mingxi took out another gift .

it was a shopping bag with the chanel logo .

“i was impertinent last time and put you in an awkward situation . i’m truly sorry about it . when i went to hong kong on business, i bought this which was said to be of limited edition . i thought it would look good on you, so i bought it . i’ve been busy lately and couldn’t find a time to give it to you until now . ”

“what is it?” wei ying was curious .

“open it and see for yourself . ”

wei ying took the bag and opened the box, revealing a pair of exquisite earrings .

with the classical logo of chanel, they had a pair of top-quality pearls on the bottom .

the style would catch every girl’s eye .

coming from a rich family, wei ying was a loyal fan of chanel and possessed almost all kinds of chanel handbags, coats, and dresses .

she had a pair of earrings of the style, but not this color .

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the pearls of the usual style had milky white pearls .

but this pair of earrings had pale purple pearls that looked exquisite under lights .

“i didn’t know they had this color . ” wei ying was pleasantly surprised .

“do you like them?”

“yeah . i do . ” wei ying nodded happily .

shen mingxi smiled . at this moment, the middle-aged waitress of the restaurant brought them two plates of dumplings .

“young master shen, your wife is so pretty… you two look perfect together . ” hearing her frank comment, shen mingxi and wei ying were embarrassed .

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