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Published at 12th of August 2020 12:30:07 AM
Chapter 3457: 3457
Chapter 3457 Lu Yan“s Trick 7

“oh, it’s you…” wei ying didn’t show any signs of happiness .

“i planned to ask you to have dinner with me, but then i heard you were partying with your brother and his friends in the next room . ”

“yeah . my brother is having dinner with young master su, president qin, dr . huo, and some others . i just tagged along . ”

“do you like the flowers?”

“they are nice . thank you . ”

“now that you’re here, why don’t you sit down and have fun with us?”

ye zhaoyang had pursued wei ying but received no response from her, so he was quite resentful toward shen mingxi .

later, wei ying had distanced herself from ye zhaoyang; if she had known the flowers came from ye zhaoyang, she wouldn’t have accepted them .

“no, you go on with your fun . i must return and take care of my brother and sister-in-law . they are tipsy and can’t drive . ”

nodding at them, wei ying left .

“the great miss wei looked not happy,” someone said .

“does she still like shen mingxi?”

“young master ye, there are many good women out there, why can’t you forget a second-hand woman?” someone said sourly .

“you guys shut up . ” ye zhaoyang looked back suddenly and shattered a beer bottle on the floor .

“don’t mention shen mingxi in front of me . if i hear any of you badmouth ying, i’ll deal with you . ”

ye zhaoyang had a bad temper and was very tough .

seeing how he defended wei ying, they knew he truly liked her, so they dared not to say more about it .

walking out of the room, wei ying gave the 99 roses to a waitress .

she didn’t want the flowers since they came from ye zhaoyang .

after all, she wasn’t going out with him so there was no reason for him to give her flowers on chinese valentine’s day .

returning to the room, jiang xiaowei immediately pulled wei ying to her side .

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“come on, ying . the song, i came across the ocean to see you, is your song . sing it for us . ”

“sister-in-law, you sing it . my singing… is off-key . ” obviously, wei ying wasn’t in the mood .

“it’s fine . i’ll sing to you . we’re both off-key, so no one will laugh at us . ”

jiang xiaowei sang the song with her sister-in-law; after that, they felt a bit tired and sat down on the sofa to take a break .

jiang xiaowei handed a bottle of beer to wei ying .

“what’s up? something’s bothering you?”

“no… no . ”

“don’t lie to me . you know my major in university…” jiang xiaowei seemed to have seen through wei ying’s thoughts .

“sister-in-law, can’t you give me some privacy?”

“tell me about it . i’ve watched you the whole night; you look like your mind was somewhere else . ”

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“someone sent me flowers . 99 roses . ” seeing she couldn’t keep it from her sister-in-law, wei ying decided to spill the beans .

“they were from shen mingxi?”

“i wish they were . but, no; they were from ye zhaoyang . ”

“that fellow of the ye family is still trying to pursue you?”

wei ying nodded sulkily .

“what do you think?”

“what can i think? of course i don’t like him . i feel nothing about him . ”

“why don’t you just say you can’t forget shem mingxi?” jiang xiaowei took a swig of beer and smiled .

wei ying lowered her head shyly, knowing she couldn’t keep her secret from her sister-in-law .

at this moment, she got a message on wechat .

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when she read it, surprise and delight appeared in her eyes .

“ying, have you turned in?”

“no,” wei ying replied instantly .

“i can guess who sent you the message from the look on your face . okay . i’ll leave you to your chat . ”

patting her sister-in-law on the shoulder, jiang xiaowei stood up .

“sis-in-law, please don’t tell my brother . ” wei ying was now very afraid of her brother wei liao .

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