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Chapter 3447: 3447
3447 Young Master Tang Proposing 27

“Damned your hotel room . Get out . ”

Cursing was Lu Yan’s way of dealing with things .

Would she play cute and adorable to win men’s hearts?

No, she would never do those things .

She only knew to kill, fight, make bombs, and count money .

Everyone had one’s own goals in life; maybe Lu Yan would be like this for the rest of her life .

“Fine . Now let’s settle the accounts . ”

“What accounts?” Lu Yan was confused .

“You promised me that we only pretended to break up and that you’d only return to see Sister Mian . ”

“Right . I did just that . ”

“The very day you returned to China you went out with Su Yu’s bodyguard . ”

“Damn it, he’s just my guide . Don’t let your imagination run wild . ”

“Then you played all the way from the arcade to the bar . You even had a drinking contest with a moron?”

“Even you said he’s a moron . I won 10 million yuan from him . ” Lu Yan was smug .

“You had breakfast at Su Yu’s home?” Qiao Fei frowned slightly .

“Ahem… I didn’t go alone . Pudding and Little Bean went with me and Su Yu’s girlfriend cooked breakfast for us . There’s nothing between me and Su Yu . ”

“Then why did he bring so many cars to get you out of the hospital?”

“It was Pudding and Little Bean’s idea . They made Su Yu do that . ”

“You even pass the buck to two kids? Lu Yan, I’m disappointed in you…” Qiao Fei lamented .

“Damn it, I didn’t pass the buck to them . I told you the truth . Do you want a fistfight with me?”

“Shut up . I’m not finished yet . Then you had a barbecue and befriended a scoundrel?”

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“I tricked him into paying the bills for everyone . Then that moron tried to kidnap me but got killed by me . Haha . ”

“Then you went shopping, and Su Yu’s bodyguard came to pick you up and have hotpot together, right?” Qiao Fei leaned toward Lu Yan, their bodies almost touching .

“I… I… didn’t get to eat in the end, right? You interrupted us . ”

“So, I interrupted your date?”

“No, no, no . You came just in time . I planned to eat alone and let An watch me eat . ”

“Don’t lie to me . Lu Yan, you’re untrustworthy . You came up with a damned plan and tricked me to leave you so you could come back to China and date other guys . ”

“Damn it . Psycho Qiao, that’s slander . ”

“But I just stated the facts . ”

“I explained it all . You don’t believe me?”

“No . ”

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“How can I make you believe me?” Lu Yan was exasperated .

“I’ll believe you if you kiss me in front of your subordinates . ”

“F*ck off . That’s impossible . ”

“Fine…” Qiao Fei opened the door to get out of the car .

To tell the truth, Lu Yan didn’t want Qiao Fei to leave .

She had missed him during the long separation . The guy went crazy and flew from Moscow but was about to leave after staying here for less than half an hour . Lu Yan was reluctant to see him leave so soon .

“Hey! Psycho Qiao, where are you going?”

“Since you don’t want to see me, I’ll leave . You can continue enjoying your time here with other guys . ”

“Don’t… Don’t go . We can at least have a meal before you go . ”

Lu Yan stammered out the awkward excuse .

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“No, I have no appetite . I came all the way here to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day with you and brought you gifts, but it seems you don’t appreciate my efforts . ”

“No, I do appreciate your efforts . ” Lu Yan followed him out of the car with the flowers in her arms .

From the distance, they looked like a young couple who were having a lovers’ fight .

“If you really do, you must kiss me in front of everyone,” Qiao Fei demanded calmly .

“Damn it… You are becoming more and more demanding . You just couldn’t get your needs satisfied in Moscow?” Lu Yan didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh .

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