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Chapter 3439: 3439
Chapter 3439 Young Master Tang Proposing 19

Despite the tense atmosphere, Nalo answered the video call from the strange number .

His face changed instantly when he saw the familiar face .

“Dad… Help me! Help us . ”

A small German boy of about 6 years screamed in tears in German, his hands and feet bound .

Beside him was the boy’s mother who was tightly bound, and her mouth was sealed with tape .

His family was kidnapped .

Someone dared to kidnap his family, so Nalo couldn’t remain calm anymore .

Then, the image changed to a silver-haired man sitting on a bright red Russian-style chair .

Wearing a deep blue military uniform and black military boots, he lounged on the chair while playing with a small black remote control .

“Qiao…Fei . ” Nalo was surprised when he saw the man on the screen .

“Hello, Nalo . Long time no see . ” Qiao Fei looked up and his lips curled up coldly .

“Yeah . Long time… no see, indeed . ”

“So, to celebrate our meeting again, you went to harass my wife?” Qiao Fei asked .

Hearing Qiao Fei’s voice, Lu Yan had a lump in her throat .

“Psycho Qiao,” she murmured to herself .

“So you kidnapped my family?” Nalo’s smile looked weird .

“Yeah, just to return the favor… You don’t have much time left since the new bomb my wife made is very interesting and only gives you 60 seconds . Even the best bomb squad wouldn’t have time to dismantle it… Your son is cute even though he was born by a surrogate mother . Still, he’s your son and I heard you love him very much . ”

“Qiao Fei, I’m angry that you would do this to me . ”

Nalo hadn’t expected that Qiao Fei, who was now in Russia, even had subordinates in Germany . Please go and support our new domain MangaBob . com . Thanks!They had kidnapped his woman and son from a heavily guarded house without his knowledge .

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He didn’t care about the woman who had no intimate relationship with him anyway .

But the child was his only son even though he was born from the surrogate mother .

In the past six years, he had formed a strong bond with the boy .

“So, I have no choice, right?” Nalo inhaled deeply and said slowly .

“Pal, you only have 25 seconds now…”

Playing with the small remote control, Qiao Fei glanced at his watch .

“Daddy… I don’t want to die… Help me . ”

The little boy seemed to know what he was facing and begged Nalo in tears .

“Fine . I’ll let them go . ” Finally, Nalo raised his hands and gave in to Qiao Fei .

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To tell the truth, he hadn’t planned to kill Lu Yan and Huo Mian even if Qiao Fei didn’t intervene .

He came here just to find out Huo Siqian’s whereabouts .

But Qin Chu and Qiao Fei went all out to protect their women .

“Tell your men to put down their guns and get out of there! If you scare my wife, I might touch the button and detonate the bomb before the 20 seconds is up . ”

“Put down the guns . Let’s go,” said Nalo .

“Mr . Nalo…”

His subordinates looked reluctant .

“Shut up . Move . ”

That said, Nalo walked out of the shop before the others .

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Seeing them walk out of the door, Qiao Fei smiled .

“Qiao Fei, release my son . ” Yeah, Nalo only cared about the boy .

“I’ll release him after you leave C City . Don’t play games with me, or I’ll detonate the bomb . ”

Then, Qiao Fei cut off the connection .

With a dark expression, Nalo drove away from the wonton shop with his men .

“Were you scared?” Qin Chu held Huo Mian and asked worriedly .

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