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Chapter 3433: 3433
Chapter 3433 Young Master Tang Proposing 13

“Just go! Hurry!”

“But you…” Lu Yan was still in shock .

“I’m fine, you’ll protect me, won’t you?” Huo Mian chuckled and began pushing Lu Yan out the door before she could respond .

She didn’t want Lu Yan to leave the house in the middle of the night . Although Lu Yan was good at fighting and would never be bullied, she didn’t want her sister to have to fight off everyone she sees .

Plus, she felt bad for her sister, so Huo Mian decided to go with her .

Just like that, Lu Yan and Huo Mian left South Hill Manor in the middle of the night . No one knew about it, except for Qin Chu . No matter how good his wife’s concoction was, Qin Chu was still a light sleeper and woke up as soon as he felt Huo Mian leave their bed .

“Yes, Boss?”

“Follow the Young Madam and protect them . ”

“Yes sir . ”

Qin Chu knew Huo Mian didn’t need protection when she was with Lu Yan, but he still told his people to follow them to be safe .

Obviously, Lu Yan quickly realized that Qin Chu had sent someone, but she didn’t say anything . After all, them leaving in the middle of the night wasn’t the best thing to do .

“Sis, what do you want to eat?”

“I’m fine with anything, I’m not a picky eater . ”

“As long as we don’t get Ah-Xin’s Ramen, I really don’t like the food there,” Lu Yan said truthfully .

“Haha, to be honest, I’m sick of the food there as well . Your brother-in-law just likes to eat there to reminisce . ”

“I know, I know, can you not flaunt your relationship for one second?” Lu Yan laughed as she tapped her fingers against the steering wheel .

In the end, they agreed to stop by a wonton restaurant .

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Since it was past midnight, the streets were dark and quiet . Plus, it was really cold during the winter and a lot of people avoided the weather by going down south during the winter .

Northern China was not as populated compared to the rest of the country . A report once indicated that the three provinces in Northern China added up was still less than one of the provinces in the south .

“Hi, what would you like to order?” The owner of the restaurant was a man in his sixties .

“Sir, you only sell wontons, right?”

“We also sell wonton noodle soup . ”

“Forget it, no noodles, people! We’ll have two bowls of wontons please; shrimp for my sister and pork and cabbage for me . ”

“Okay, won’t be long . ”

Then, Lu Yan and Huo Mian sat down on one of the clean tables in the corner .

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“You don’t come out to eat at this hour a lot, do you?”

“Mhm, my husband and I used to come out when I’m not pregnant, but these days he’s very strict . ” Huo Mian smiled happily at the thought of Qin Chu .

“Sis, were you happy growing up? Is your adoptive mother good to you?” Lu Yan felt like she could only talk about family stuff when she was alone with her sister .

“She is . Her temper isn’t the best, but she’s been great to me . I don’t think she knows that I’m not her biological daughter . ”

“I heard that her child was swapped with you . She doesn’t know her biological daughter is dead, right?”

“Mhm . ” Huo Mian nodded .

“I was so happy when I learned that I had a sister . It was a great feeling . ”

“Silly girl . ” Huo Mian looked at Lu Yan with sisterly love .

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“It really sucks that my dad wouldn’t let me come and find you… He didn’t want to cause you trouble . Although things are out in the open now and you’re in trouble, at least we’re together, right? Sis, I used to have this picture in my head of how we would have late-night snacks and gossip together… I just want us to be like all the other siblings in the world . ”

“Yan, my dream used to be becoming a doctor and being a good doctor, but it’s not anymore . Do you know what my biggest dream is right now?”

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