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Chapter 3432: 3432
Chapter 3432 Young Master Tang Proposing 12

“Doing too much farm work, of course . My grandpa once lived on a farm when he was younger and did some farm work . That would explain it . ”

“But what if she’s from a rich family and doesn’t need to do any farm work or housework?”

“Then it’s probably because she uses guns a lot,” Su Yu said nonchalantly .

“Yeah, that’s what I thought . ”

“You’re talking about Lu Yan?” Su Yu knew An was asking all of this for a reason .

“Yeah . ”

“It’s legal to bear arms in the U . S . ; a lot of families keep them in their houses . Getting a handgun license in the U . S . is as easy as getting a driver’s license . It’s normal . ” Su Yu shrugged .

“I just have a feeling that Ms . Yan has a complicated background . ” An wasn’t an idiot; he had spent a lot of time with Lu Yan over the last few days . He had noticed that she does things clean and ruthlessly; plus, her hands exposed her experience with handguns . His instincts told him that she was no ordinary woman .

But… she was only in her early twenties, how complicated could she be?

“Who cares what her background is . If I liked someone, I wouldn’t care even if she was hated by the entire world . If I didn’t like someone, I would’ve care even if the entire world fawned over her,” Su Yu gave An his view about relationships .

“You’re right . ” An thought that Su Yu’s words made sense . He also opened a can of beer and chugged it, changing the subject .

He knew for sure that he liked Lu Yan . He wasn’t going to suspect his own emotions anymore . However… they seemed to be from different worlds, and he saw the way Lu Yan spent money . How much money did she have?

– South Hill Manor, later that evening –

The twins had fallen asleep, but Lu Yan was still wide awake . So, she got up, threw on a jacket, and headed downstairs . She wanted to go on a drive and clear her head .

However, Huo Mian stopped her before she even reached the first floor .

“It’s late, where are you going?”

“Sis, why are you still awake?”

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“Ever since I got pregnant, I haven’t really been able to sleep . It keeps moving,” Huo Mian whispered .

“Haha, my nephew’s giving you a hard time?”

“Don’t change the subject . Where are you going?”

“I… couldn’t sleep, so I wanted to go out for a drive . ”

“No . ”

“Why not?”

“Because Dad called and told me to keep an eye on you . He said you get into fights . A lot,” Huo Mian answered .

“Sis, I won’t do unto others unless others do unto me,” Lu Yan promised .

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“That doesn’t mean anything to me . You’re young, beautiful, and you want to go outside in the middle of the night? Yes, our city’s safe, but there’s a lot of rich men who are just looking for young women to devour . If you want to go on a drive, do it during the day . ”

“Come on, Sis, you’re too traditional . I always go out drinking in the middle of the night when I was in Europe . ”

“So that’s why you always get into fights and kill people?” Huo Mian looked at her little sister .

Lu Yan licked her lips and looked down quietly .

“Yan, you’re still young, I don’t want you to live your life with blood on your hands all the time . ”

“Sis, me killing people is the same as you saving people . It’s my job, and I’ve been doing it for years . I won’t change my mind, so stop trying to talk me out of it, okay?”

“If I could live life over again, I really hope I can live your life so you can live a peaceful life instead . ” Huo Mian looked at Lu Yan heartachingly .

“If I could live life over again, I really hope I can still live this life . That way, you will be able to live a peaceful life . ”

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Huo Mian couldn’t control her tears upon hearing what Lu Yan said .

“Sis, you’re pregnant, don’t cry…” Lu Yan’s heart also ached as she reached out to wipe Huo Mian’s tears off her face .

“Yan, let’s go get something to eat . Take my R8, the key is in the box by the front door . ”

“What?” Lu Yan was dumbfounded; she didn’t think her sister would want to go out with her .

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