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Chapter 3431: 3431
Chapter 3431 Young Master Tang Proposing 11

“What do you mean by ‘again’? I don’t date that much . ”

“Don’t you?” Su Yu rolled his eyes .

“You have a point . I’ve dated more than you . ”

“I…” Su Yu was speechless . Yes, he had been with women, but he had never been in a real relationship .

As for Huo Mian… she never reciprocated his feelings for her, so technically his relationship history was a blank piece of paper .

“Why the f*ck did you change the subject? Tell me, who did you fall for this time?”

“President Su, can you take away ‘this time’? It sounds weird . ”

“Fine . Who did you fall for?”

An: “…”

“It’s Zeng Rou, isn’t it? Go for it!”

“No, of course not . Not only are we a bad match, Miss Zeng isn’t my type . ”

“Oh… I think I know who it is then . ” Su Yu smiled deviously .

“Sir, you look like a child molester when you smile like that . ”

“You like Lu Yan, don’t you?” The truth was, Su Yu already knew, and he was just teasing An with Zeng Rou .

“No, no, not at all, I just think she’s a good person . ”

“How so? All she does is fight and swear at people, I really can’t see anything good about her . ” Su Yu felt a little timid about Lu Yan, so he had never interacted with her .

Su Yu and Lu Yan were both short-tempered people, so if they got into an argument, Mian would feel awkward . So, Su Yu had been purposely avoiding Lu Yan .

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“There’s a lot of things good about her! She’s straightforward,” An argued .

“That’s not called being straightforward, that’s called being simple and violent . ”

“Isn’t that a good thing? Women these days are all fake and manipulative, but she’s not . ” Upon the mentioning of Lu Yan, An’s eyes all but sparkled, and he couldn’t stop talking about her .

“You’re in it deep, aren’t you?”

“No, no, I just admire her personality, ha,” An denied it .

“I knew you were hiding something from me when you asked to borrow my car . Now I understand, you’re in love with her?”

“I, I… I’m not, I would never, Dr . Huo’s sister looks like she’s from a really rich family, and I’m just a bodyguard . She’s too far out of my reach . ” When it came to women and marriage, An always felt like he wasn’t good enough .

In the past, he just wanted to marry a kind-hearted village girl . However, later he realized that nowadays, village girls were more calculating and manipulative than city girls . Not only did they demand a lot of money, they also asked for cars and houses .

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It was true that An could afford their demands, but he didn’t want to buy love .

In the beginning, he knew that Lu Yan was someone he could never touch . Yet, the more he interacted with her, the more curious about her he became . Now, he constantly wanted to see her, and couldn’t hide his affection anymore – that was why Su Yu saw right through him .

“You’re not just a bodyguard, you’re Su Yu’s bodyguard . That’s gotta count for something . ”

“You have a point here; people are definitely jealous of me . After all, I get to hang out with you every day,” An laughed .

“An, if you really like her you should tell her . Maybe you’ll succeed . ”

“I won’t . I heard Ms . Lu has a boyfriend in Russia . ”

“Long-distance relationships are unstable . Buck up, won’t you? You were once a soldier! How can you be such a big chicken?”

“President Su, seriously, I have another question . ”

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“Shoot . ” Su Yu opened a can of beer and leaned back in his chair .

“Under what circumstances would a young girl’s hands be covered with calluses?”

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