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Chapter 3430: 3430
Chapter 3430 Young Master Tang Proposing 10

“It’s not that I didn’t want to, I swear! I tried helping you, but your mommy was so scary, she didn’t even give me a chance . ”

“You didn’t have to say anything . ”

“How else am I supposed to help you?”

“Next time, find someone else to save us . ”

“Like?” Lu Yan asked Little Bean curiously .

“You can’t ask Handsome Su . Mommy never listens to him because she thinks he spoils us too much . ”

“So, should I call your daddy?” Lu Yan laughed .

“No, Daddy’s head-over-heels when it comes to Mommy . He’s always on her side and never helps us . ”

“So who should I ask?”

“You can ask Auntie Lingling or Xiaowei, their words mean a lot to Mommy,” Little Bean suggested .

“Why don’t you just ask Auntie to ask Gao Boyuan to help you?” Pudding stared at her sister .

“Oh I see, you want your boyfriend to help you…” Lu Yan teased Little Bean .

“He’s not my boyfriend, Auntie, he’s just one of the candidates . I have to keep my options open . ”

“Little Bean, I’m glad that you know to keep your options open at such a young age . ”

“What about you, Auntie? Have you ever been in love with someone else other than Qiao Fei?” Little Bean gossiped .

“Ahem, I never said I was in love with Qiao Fei . He’s the one who’s in love with me,” Lu Yan denied immediately .

“I don’t believe you, you’re the same as Auntie Qin . She’s always saying that she doesn’t like Uncle Tang, but they’re obviously dating . Grownups are always in denial . ”

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Lu Yan: “…”

“Auntie, ignore her, she’s a big gossip . Can you take a look at this stock for me?” Pudding picked up her tablet and walked over Lu Yan .

“You guys suck . I’ll just go video-chat Boyuan then . ” Little Bean turned around and began playing with her phone .

– Su Yu’s private mansion –

Su Yu and An were hanging by the pool while Zeng Rou applied a face mask on herself in Su Yu’s living room . It seems like they were all used to each others’ presence and didn’t interfere with each others’ lives .

“President Su, is Miss Zeng going to live here forever?”

“That depends on her . She can stay and go as she wishes . ”

“But I don’t think she wants to go, especially after you gave her those shoes today . ”

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“Ahem… giving the gift of shoes means you want her to run away, no?” Su Yu demanded as he thought of what Huo Mian had told him earlier today .

“Okay I lose,” An was speechless . “President Su, I have a question . ”

“Shoot . ”

“What does it feel like to really fall for someone?” An asked curiously .

“What the f*ck, why are men like us talking about something like this?” Su Yu got goosebumps .

“It was just a question, you know I don’t have much experience in that department . After I was discharged, I dated a few women who seemed fine at first, but quickly turned into someone else . I guess I didn’t really like them because if I did, I would want to see them every day, right?”

“Mhm, you’re right about that at least . You would want to see her every day . ” Su Yu suddenly thought of Huo Mian .

“So that’s really the case…” An mumbled to himself .

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“Wait . An, tell me the truth, are you seeing someone again?” If not, why was An being so mysterious these days?

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