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Chapter 3426: 3426
Chapter 3426 Young Master Tang Proposing 6

“I…” Su Yu hesitated . He really didn’t know what Nie Lingxuan was talking about, but it seemed awkward and rude to admit that he couldn’t remember . After all, she called him all the way from the U . S .

However, Nie Lingxuan immediately understood what Su Yu’s silence meant .

“I understand . Sorry for disturbing you . ” She hung up the phone, feeling slightly disappointed .

Su Yu’s phone rang again less than one minute later . He picked up, thinking that it was Nie Lingxuan calling back . Without thinking, he said, “You’re living a good life now, let the past be in the past . ”

“What are you talking about? Yu, did you sleep with a girl and are now trying to get rid of her?” Tang Chuan’s voice sounded from the other end .

Su Yu realized that something was off . “F*ck, why didn’t you call me using your own cellphone?”

“Phone bills are expensive these days, I’m using the landline at my honey’s company . ”

“I will never understand why Qin Ning is willing to put up with your freeloading,” Su Yu snorted .

“Ning-Ning said that only good-looking people can freeload . Yu, you can’t even if you wanted to . ”

“F*ck off . ”

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They always swore at each other, even when they were on the phone .

“Are you at the company or at home?”

“You make it sound like these are the only two places I could ever be at . ” Su Yu laughed .

“Where else would you go? South Side?”

“Are you screwing with me?” Su Yu wasn’t sure if he was angry or amused that Tang Chuan was teasing him again .

“Anyways, I’m going to change the subject now . I’m coming home, get ready to welcome me back . ”

“Forget it, you’re constantly traveling back and forth, I would go bankrupt if I welcomed you each time . ”

“Of course you won’t, you’re too rich to go bankrupt!”

“When are you coming home?” Su Yu leaned back on the couch; he always seemed to be in a good mood whenever he spoke with Tang Chuan .

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“My flight’s tomorrow night . ”

“That’s soon . ”

“Why, don’t you miss me?”

“Yes, I miss you to death…” Su Yu answered .

“Okay, then I won’t go back to the States again, just for you . I’m going to stay in China . ”

“What about Qin Ning?”

“She’ll come back with me of course . ”

“What about your in-law?” Su Yu asked curiously .

“He can’t let go of the company right now . Plus, he’s still young and wants to work a couple more years before he retires . Then, he’ll look for a manager . In a nutshell, no one, not even Qin Chu, wants to take over the business . ”

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“Qin Chu’s busy with his own stuff, of course he’s not in the mood to take over the company . Anyways, I’m glad you’re back . Are you planning to get married? Is that why you’re coming home?” Su Yu seemed to have realized something .

“Haha, once I come home, you guys have to help me plan a proposal . Ning-Ning doesn’t know about it yet, but as soon as she says yes, I want us to get registered . ”

“So soon?” Su Yu asked with surprise .

“I feel like it’s not soon enough . I want to marry her right now . ”

“Wait, is this a shotgun wedding? Qin Ning’s pregnant, isn’t she?” Su Yu wondered if that was why Tang Chuan was in such a hurry .

“Come on . Ning-Ning’s still young, we don’t want children just yet . ”

“Okay then, come back and we’ll talk about it . ”

“Perfect! Oh right, I heard my cousin-in-law’s baby sister’s back in China, how’s that going?”

“Not well,” Su Yu answered immediately .

“Haha, Ning-Ning gets jealous when Pudding and Little Bean video chats her and talks about Mian’s sister . ”

“You’ll know why once you come home . ” Su Yu didn’t want to go into details about Lu Yan .

– South Hill Manor –

After hanging out in the living room with the family for a bit, Huo Mian became a little drowsy and was about to head up to the bedroom when she received a WeChat message .

It was a private message sent to her by someone from her class group .

“Huo Mian, are you there? Can you let me know if you are? This is urgent . ”

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