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Chapter 3420: 3420
Chapter 3420 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 20

“It’s closed . Go away!”

The waiters of the hotpot restaurant began to drive out customers impatiently .

“Fuck…” Lu Yan was angry and was about to force the shop to open when An stopped her .

“You promised me that you won’t get into a fight again…”

“I…” Lu Yan didn’t know what to say .

“Wait here while I go in and ask them . ”

An walked up and said to the waiter, “I’m Mr . Su’s bodyguard . We’re your regular customers . What’s the problem today?”

“Oh . I’m sorry, but we’re closed now . ”

“I brought Mr . Su’s client to have lunch here . Mr . Su won’t be happy if you do this . Can you take the consequences?”

An even used Su Yu’s name to frighten the waiter .

“Wait here for a minute, mister; I’ll get our manager to talk to you . ”

Not daring to offend Mr . Su’s people, the waiter went to get the manager .

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The manager came out and recognized An immediately .

“Mr . An, is Mr . Su here too?”

“Mr . Su had me take a client to have lunch here . ”

“But today, it’s truly…” The manager stopped mid-sentence .

“What happened?” An frowned and knew something unusual must have happened .

“To tell you the truth, five minutes ago, we got our boss’s call; he said the whole place is booked and we must close the restaurant today . ”

“Who would do that?” An was incredulous .

“I don’t know . The boss didn’t say . ”

“Okay . I won’t make things difficult for you . ”

Seeing the manager wasn’t lying, An turned back .

“What did he say?” Lu Yan asked .

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“He said someone booked the whole place . ”

“Holy crap . Who did it? I’ll pay five times more for it . ” Money was never a problem for Lu Yan .

“I guess he’s a friend of the shop owner . It might not be a problem of money,” An explained .

“Damn it . ”

“Let’s go and eat in another restaurant . ”

“No . I want to eat here . If they don’t open, I’ll smash the place . ” Lu Yan was furious .

“You promised me you won’t fight . ” An reminded her .

“Yeah, but I didn’t promise you I wouldn’t smash a restaurant . ”

An was speechless .

– In Moscow –

“Young Master, Miss Yan is threatening to smash the restaurant . What do we do?” in the video, a man said anxiously .

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“Smash the restaurant? The girl is impossible . ” Qiao Fei found she was infuriating and funny at the same time .

“Yes . The shop owner asked what he should do . ”


Qiao Fei gave him some instructions .

Three minutes later, the manager walked out and glanced at An and Lu Yan .

“The boss agreed to your request . ”

“Oh? Can we go in and have lunch now?” Lu Yan said smugly .

“But only you can enter; Mr . An can’t go in,” said the manager .

“Why?” Lu Yan was surprised .

“I don’t know why; I just follow the instructions of the boss . ”

“Is your boss a fucking moron? I came to have lunch with my friend, and you want me to leave my friend outside?” Lu Yan rolled up her sleeves, ready to do battle .

She had totally forgotten her promise of not fighting .

“Beauty, calm down . Please come in with me; someone wants to see you . ”

“See me?” Lu Yan was surprised .

“Lu Yan, don’t go… It’s dangerous . ” An felt the hotpot restaurant was up to no good .

“It’s fine . When I enter, they will be in danger . And you, if you dare to lie to me, I’ll raze your place to the ground . ” Lu Yan threatened them as she strode into the restaurant; An was kept waiting outside .

“Who wants to see me?” Lu Yan roared impatiently .

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