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Chapter 3419: 3419
Chapter 3419 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 19

“Your hands…” An looked at Lu Yan’s hands and was at a loss for words .

“Oh . Coarse skin . I can’t help it . ” Lu Yan smiled indifferently .

“How did you get it?”

“I was born with it . ”

An: “…”

He felt defeated and speechless at her blatant lie .

“Where do you want to go? Shall I drive you back to South Hill Manor?” An asked .

“It’s early . Let’s go and have lunch to thank you for rescuing me . ” Lu Yan took the passenger seat and grinned .

“I’ll have lunch with you, but you must promise me one thing first . ”

“Whoa . You dare to bargain with me with the threat of not having lunch with me? Are you tired of living?” Lu Yan looked at An, finding the situation quite funny .

“I don’t care . If you don’t agree, I won’t have lunch with you . ” An was determined .

“Okay, okay . Tell me what you want me to promise . ”

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“Can you promise me not to fight with people?” An looked at Lu Yan helplessly .

Lu Yan: “…”

“You sound as if I always get into fistfights with people . ” Lu Yan looked at An in disgust .

“Great Miss Lu Yan, you’ve been here for only a few days; do you remember how many fights you’ve gotten into?” An looked at her also in disgust .

“Um… Those were child’s play . Don’t fuss about it . ”

“I don’t care . If you don’t promise, I won’t have lunch with you . I’ll drive you back to South Hill Manor or to South Side . I see you listen to Dr . Huo . ”

“Don’t . I promise you, okay? Now let’s go to lunch . ”

With the twins in school and Huo Mian at work, only Huo Mian’s in-laws were at South Hill Manor, so Lu Yan didn’t want to return to the house .

“Good . ”

Seeing Lu Yan promise him without hesitation, An nodded and relaxed .

“What do you want to eat?” An asked .

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“Do you have any special food in this place?”

“Does Ah-Xin’s Ramen count?” An asked .

To be honest, An hadn’t liked ramen but since Su Yu always went to eat it for some reason, An had gone with him a few times .

Then he grew to love it and would feel uncomfortable if he didn’t eat it for a few days .

“Damn it . I don’t want to eat it…” Hearing the mention of Ah-Xin’s Ramen, Lu Yan shook her head immediately .

She knew it was a small noodle stall where her elder sister dated Qin Chu when they were in high school . The ramen in the stall was 2 yuan for one bowl .

To be honest, Lu Yan didn’t think it was good .

“Why not?”

“My sister and brother-in-law always go there because it reminds them of their youth . It means nothing to us . ”

“No . I truly think the ramen in that restaurant is good . ”

“Bullshit . It’s just a mind trick . No, I want to eat hot pot . ”

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Now that Lu Yan declared she wanted to have hot pot, An wouldn’t dare to object .

“How about the Taste of Sichuan? The hotpot there is quite good . ”

“Okay . ”

Crossing her legs, Lu Yan put on sunglasses and looked out of the window .

An drove Su Yu’s Lamborghini and took her to the hotpot restaurant .

Meanwhile in Moscow .

“Young Master, here’s the report . ”

Qiao Fei’s subordinate sent the newest video to his cellphone .

Opening it, his face fell immediately .

The damned woman Lu Yan would eat hotpot with a young guy in China?

He read the description on the bottom and saw the guy’s background; he was Su Yu’s bodyguard .

Yan didn’t have much interaction with Su Yu; instead, she was enjoying herself with Su Yu’s bodyguard .

Three minutes later, Qiao Feil picked up his cellphone and dialed a number .

Meanwhile in China .

An and Lu Yan got out of the car and walked toward the hotpot restaurant; at the door, they saw the “Closed” sign and many customers were driven out of the restaurant .

“Hey! What’s happening?” Lu Yan was curious .

“We’re closed . Please go and eat in another place . ”

“It’s lunchtime, you guys aren’t operating? What is this, a joke?” Lu Yan was puzzled .

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