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Chapter 3393
3393 Random Matchmaking 3

“Okay . I’ll say it,” Pudding answered with a straight face .

“So…?” Su Yu waited quietly .

“We decided not to take red packets or money or gifts from you . You only need to pay for a meal . ”

“That easy?” Su Yu obviously didn’t believe them .

“Of course, the meal is not for us . ”

“For whom? Do you want me to eat with Dr . Huo?” Su Yu was puzzled .

“In your dreams . If you eat with our mom alone, our dad would get jealous . ” Little Bean laughed .

Su Yu: “…”

“I feel embarrassed for you, Su Yu . ” Zeng Rou chuckled .

“Shut up . ” Su Yu gave her a dirty look .

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“Of course, not with my mom; it’s my auntie,” Pudding said .

“Your auntie?” Su Yu was still confused .

“Lu Yan . My auntie Lu Yan,” Little Bean emphasized .

“Ahem…” An coughed violently, obviously electrified .

“Huh? Who’s Lu Yan?” Having just returned from Singapore, Zeng Rou didn’t know about Lu Yan .

“She’s… um… Dr . Huo’s younger sister,” An told her in a low voice .

“Have a meal with your auntie? Why?” Su Yu was still puzzled .

“Don’t ask why . Anyway, the compensation for us is taking our auntie out for a big meal . She’ll be discharged from the hospital tomorrow . You’d better send cars to pick her up and take her to a restaurant for a big meal to celebrate her recovery,” Little Bean said .

“Yeah, make it fancy and high-profiled . You must make her happy,” Pudding added .

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“Huh? I say… It’s not right . Your auntie is good to you and it’s your duty to be good to her . Lu Yan is not my auntie, why do you want me to make her happy?”

Su Yu found their request very strange and tried to reason with the twins .

“They are matchmaking, I guess . ” Zeng Rou wasn’t stupid and seemed to have understood what the twins were doing .

“Miss Zeng is very smart . This is what we’re doing,” probably because she wanted to anger Zeng Rou, Little Bean immediately answered .

“Stop messing around… That’s nonsense . ”

Su Yu really felt awkward . It was fine that the two kids messed with him, but An and Zeng Rou were at the scene too .

“We’re not messing around . We’re serious . Just tell me if you’ll do it or not . If no, we’ll leave now,” Little Bean said .

“Yeah . We’ll leave this minute . ” Pudding put away her cellphone and got up .

“Hey! Your majesties, please don’t mess with me, okay?”

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“We’re not . We’re serious about bringing you two together . ” Little Bean raised her chubby little face .

“Does your mom know what you’re doing?” Su Yu asked .

“It’s nothing to do with my mom . It’s a small thing and doesn’t need our Dr . Huo’s attention,” said Pudding .

“Then… Does your auntie know about it?” Su Yu asked again .

“We don’t need to tell her . You’ll give her a surprise tomorrow . Haha!” Little Bean made a cute face at him .

“Pudding, Little Bean, I must tell you…” Su Yu began to give them a long lecture .

But the twins seemed to know exactly what speech was coming and immediately covered their ears .

“No! We won’t hear it . Just tell us if you agree to do it or not . ” The twins threatened at the same time .

“I…” Su Yu was in a dilemma .

He was cornered by the kids tonight .

“If you don’t refuse, we’ll take it that you agree, okay?” Little Bean said .

“Handsome Su, you won’t disappoint us, right?” Pudding continued to pressure him .

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