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Chapter 3388
3388 Su Yu is the Type I Like 18

“It’s not serious . I just sprained it… It’ll be fine after I rest for a while . ” Zeng Rou smiled .

“Good . ” Su Yu nodded .

“Um… This is a gift I bought for you in Singapore . ”

“Huh? You got me a gift?” Su Yu was a bit surprised .

“Um… I got a gift for An, too . ” She handed another bag to An .

“Thank you, Miss Zeng . ” An took the gift graciously .

“Thank you . ” Without opening it, Su Yu put the bag in his room .

Then they went downstairs .

“Handsome Su, I want to take some time off and go for an errand,” An stood behind Su Yu and said in a low voice .

“Where are you going?” Su Yu was puzzled .

“I heard… um… Dr . Huo’s sister is wounded . I want to go see her . ”

“Dr . Huo’s sister won’t get better with your visiting her . You’re not a doctor,” Su Yu teased him .

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“I showed her around the city once and we’re friends . The young girl is very generous and spends money like water… She’s really nice . I heard from Little Bean that she’s hospitalized, so I think I should go and see her . ”

“When did you become so warm-hearted?” Su Yu asked .

“Boss… When did you become so nosy?” An asked, feeling a bit awkward .

“Haha! Go now . By the way, buy some food for us on your way back . We haven’t eaten yet . Zeng Rou can’t cook in her current condition,” Su Yu instructed .

“Okay . What do you want to eat?”

“You decide . ” Su Yu turned to sit on the sofa and play games with Pudding and Little Bean .

An hurried downstairs and took Su Yu’s Lamborghini so he could get to the hospital faster .

– At South Side –

An didn’t know the girl’s name since he had forgotten to ask .

Not knowing which ward she was in, he called Huo Mian .

Huo Mian happened to be in her office, so she took An to the ward .

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Lu Yan’s subordinates were in the corridor and didn’t stop An when they saw Huo Mian came with him .

“Hello, Madam . ”

“Hello . Is Yan in the room?”

“Yes . ”

Nodding, Huo Mian pushed open the door .

“An, you go in first . I still have a meeting . ”

“Okay . Thank you, Dr . Huo . ”

“You’re welcome . I should thank you for visiting Yan . ” Huo Mian smiled at him and left .

An walked in with a basket of fruits .

Lu Yan was lying in bed, playing games .

She hadn’t liked playing games but came to like them after she met Psycho Qiao .

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Hearing the footsteps, Lu Yan thought he was one of her subordinates .

“Get out . Don’t come in if you have nothing to say . ”

“How… is your wound?” clenching his teeth, An asked embarrassedly .

Hearing his voice, Lu Yan looked up .

“It’s you…”

“Yeah . I heard you were hospitalized, so I came to see you . ”

An put down the basket of fruits .

“Ha! Fruit basket… The standard gift while visiting a patient… Do you want to give me a red packet or something?” Lu Yan teased An .

“Fine . I’ll get you one right now . ”

“Don’t! I was kidding . Sit down . ” Seeing An reach for his wallet, Lu Yan was exasperated .

“I heard you got into a fight and… received a concussion?” An asked .

“You can say that,” Lu Yan answered while playing the game .

“Can you find those guys? I’ll avenge you,” An said calmly .

“Pu… um… Those guys . Forget it . I can’t find them . ” Lu Yan thought An was quite naïve since even she couldn’t find those guys .

“Do you remember their looks? So long as they are people in this city, I can dig them out . ”

An was indignant that some people dared to mess with Lu Yan .

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