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Chapter 3387
3387 Su Yu is the Type I Like 17

“Hi… Hello, girls,” knowing the twins disliked her, Zeng Rou still said hello .

Little Bean turned her head and ignored Zeng Rou . Not to make Zeng Rou feel embarrassed, Pudding nodded at her .

“Um… Where’s Su Yu?” Zeng Rou asked .

“He’s changing clothes upstairs,” Pudding answered .

“Miss Zeng, do you want me to help you to your bedroom, so you can change your clothes?” An asked .

“Okay . Thank you, An . ”

“You’re welcome . ”

As he pushed Zeng Rou’s wheelchair further into the house, An asked Pudding and Little Bean, “Has your auntie left?”

“No . She’s in the hospital . ”

“Huh? Why?” An was surprised and looked anxious .

“Um… My mom said… she got in a fight and received a concussion…” Recalling carefully, Little Bean described what she had learned .

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“Got in a fight? Concussion?” An was overwhelmed .

He had made a short trip to Singapore and then Lu Yan got in trouble .

If he had stayed by the girl’s side and protected her, she might not have gotten in the trouble, right?

“Huh? Uncle An, why did you ask about my auntie? Do you like her?” Little Bean grinned slyly .

“Ahem… That’s nonsense . ”

Denying the speculation, An pushed Zeng Rou toward her bedroom .

“An, who is their auntie? Whom were you talking about?” Zeng Rou was curious .

“You don’t know her . She’s Dr . Huo’s younger sister . ”


In the living room, the twins began a weird conversation .

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Little Bean: “Sis, don’t you think that woman Zeng Rou is annoying?”

Pudding: “Not really . ”

Little Bean: “Don’t you think she’s just like those previous scheming women? She stays here without invitation and plays dumb to gain Handsome Su’s pity . She’s a scheming bitch . ”

Pudding: “If she truly likes Handsome Su, it’s fine if she uses some tricks . ”

Little Bean: “Huh? Sis, why do you speak for a stranger?”

Pudding: “I just told you what I think about her . Compared to the previous women, Zeng Rou is okay . At least, she’s better than those women in one aspect . ”

Little Bean: “Which aspect?”

Pudding: “She doesn’t make trouble for our mom like a stupid bitch . ”

Little Bean: “It’s because she doesn’t dare . ”

Pudding: “It’s not that she dares not . She just doesn’t want to do it . I heard Mom mention once that she wanted to befriend our mom . ”

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Little Bean: “That’s one of her tricks . She wants to use Mom to get Handsome Su . ”

Pudding: “I don’t know . We still need time to decide what kind of person the woman is… Little Bean, don’t get so agitated . Do you want our Handsome Su to remain single all his life?”

Little Bean: “No . I just think Zeng Rou doesn’t deserve our Handsome Su . ”

Pudding: “Then who do you think deserves him?”

Little Bean: “Um… I think Auntie Yan does; so does Auntie Qin Ning . Any woman from our family will do . ”

Pudding: “Good . Then Uncle Tang’s going to kill you for that… Besides, Auntie has a boyfriend . So, don’t try matchmaking with them . ”

Little Bean: “Forget it, I won’t waste my time worrying about it anymore . Anyway, I think… Handsome Su won’t like a woman like Zeng Rou .

That said, she continued playing with her cellphone with cotton candy in hand .

After changing clothes in her room, Zeng Rou came out with a few items in her hands .

“An, would you push me to see Su Yu?”

“Okay . ” An nodded and pushed her toward Su Yu’s bedroom .

Su Yu was walking out after changing and met her in the corridor .

“You’re back?”

“Yeah . ”

“How’s your foot? Is the injury serious?” Seeing Zeng Rou sit in the wheelchair, Su Yu was concerned .

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