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Chapter 3375: 3375
Chapter 3375 Su Yu is the Type I Like 5

Seeing Lu Yan pass out, her subordinates were stunned .

Immediately, they drove her back to South Hill Manor .

Qin Chu was stunned, too .

Huo Mian got up and checked Lu Yan’s condition .

“Madam, how is our boss?” Lu Yan’s subordinates were anxious .

“I checked her and saw no serious wounds . Honey, we must take her to South Side so we can check her with the advanced devices in the hospital . ”

Without a word, Qin Chu ordered his people to drive Lu Yan to South Side .

After a series of tests, Huo Mian heaved out a sigh of relief .

“It seems Yan got a big concussion on her head and lost consciousness . But it’s not serious . ”

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Hearing Huo Mian’s words, they all relaxed .

“Honey, what on earth happened?” Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu worriedly .

“Yan went to kill Huo Siqian who broke out of the prison, but a group of people rescued him… Those guys even came in a helicopter with a tracking missile . ”

“Really?” Huo Mian asked in disbelief .

In a peaceful time in this peaceful country, she was shocked that these people dared to use military weapons in public .

“How is the investigation? Have you found out their identity?” Qin Chu turned his head and asked Gao Ran .

After such a big event happened in the city, Gao Ran, the chief of the city’s public security bureau, couldn’t know nothing about it .

Sure enough, Gao Ran had received information from his higheups, but it was quite vague .

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“These guys have top-level weapons… and have no records of entering the border . ” Gao Ran was also puzzled .

“No records of entering the border? It means these people… are from within the country, not foreign mercenaries . It seems… they are indeed not people sent by Ian, Nalo, or Qiao Nan . ”

“President Qin, I don’t understand . We exchanged gunfire with them… They are extremely good fighters . How can they be ordinary people?” one of Lu Yan’s subordinates objected .

“I didn’t say they were ordinary people . There are no records of them entering the border with the helicopter and missile… If they came from abroad, alarms would have been raised . Besides, our country couldn’t have not noticed anything when a foreign force came in through the border . It’s absolutely impossible . ”

Hearing their analysis, Huo Mian said slowly, “So, the people rescuing Huo Siqian come from within the country? It must be a huge force, or they couldn’t have come and gone so freely and even used such a destructive weapon like a missile . ”

“Mian is right . That should be the case . ” Qin Chu nodded his head .

“Who in the country has the ability to rescue Huo Siqian? Are they sent by Mayor Yan and his daughter?” Remembering Yan Ruoxi’s obsession with Huo Siqian, Gao Ran guessed the people must have been sent by a high-level official like Mayor Yan .

“They were not sent by Mayor Yan because he doesn’t have that kind of power . It’s not something that can be achieved by ordinary people . ”

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“The officials from the above said that they’ll declare on tomorrow’s news that tonight’s commotion was a military practice to avoid alarm among the residents,” Gao Ran added .

“That’s the only option . We can’t say that a prisoner broke out . ” That said, Qin Chu took off his jacket and draped it around Huo Mian’s shoulders .

“Come on, I’ll drive you back home, so you can rest . We have people here to take care of Yan . ”

“I’m fine, Honey . ”

“No . You’re pregnant and can’t get tired…” Qin Chu felt bad that his wife had to get up at midnight and that Lu Yan got hurt in tonight’s event .

Things happened so fast and they were all caught by surprise .

After driving Huo Mian back home, Qin Chu returned to South Side .

In the ICU, Lu Yan woke up .

“Boss, you woke up…” Her subordinates hurried over .

“Ahem… I feel dizzy . ” Lu Yan lifted her hand and touched her head tentatively .

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