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Chapter 3374: 3374
Chapter 3374 Su Yu is the Type I Like 4

The loud sound of the engine was deafening .

Lu Yan looked up and cursed .

She turned to run as bullets showered after her .

Fortunately, Lu Yan reacted quickly, or she’d have been turned into a sieve in one instant .

Then, several black-clothed guys got out of the helicopter .

Some covered them by firing at Lu Yan while another hooked the dying Jack into the helicopter

“Damn it . You can’t get away…” Lu Yan was enraged .

She sent a signal and all her men hiding around the place came out and fired wildly at the helicopter .

But those guys seemed to have specially-made body armor and felt nothing when bullets hit them .

“Boss, what are those people? Are they aliens? Damn it! They are not afraid of bullets?” Lu Yan’s subordinates were stupefied .

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“I think it’s a new outfit, something like super body armor,” Lu Yan guessed .

Anyway, those guys took Jack into the helicopter .

Enraged, Lu Yan turned on her watch and aimed it at the helicopter .

“Damn it . Have a taste of my bomb…” Lu Yan was about to fire when her subordinates yelled, “Boss, watch out…”

They saw something was tossed down from the helicopter .

Lu Yan ran with her people…

“Jump into the water! Now…” she yelled .

Fortunately, they were only a dozen or so meters from the river .

At her order, they all jumped into the river; then the tracking missile followed them into the river .

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Five seconds later, it exploded in the river with a huge bam .

Fortunately, its force was less powerful in the water; if it had exploded on land, it would have turned Lu Yan and her people into meat pies .

“Boss, are you okay?”

After the explosion, Lu Yan’s subordinates helped her out of the river .

“I’m fine . Where’s the helicopter?”

“It’s… gone . ”

“Fack…” Lu Yan kicked at the dustbin beside her .

She almost killed the Psycho Huo Siqian but was interrupted by a helicopter and even a missile .

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She couldn’t imagine who dared to use a helicopter in China except for the army?

“Boss, who were those people? Are they from the army?”

“No . Definitely not . The missile… If my memory serves me right, it should be a SDT50 produced by a military factory in Israel a year ago . It’s said there are only two such missiles which are small and easy to carry about with powerful explosion force; they can even evade detection by military radars in many countries…” Lu Yan recalled .

“If that’s the case, it’s hard to track its source . It’s said a mysterious buyer purchased them at a very high price after the missiles were produced . No one knows who the buyer is . In the past year, no one had used them until now… This… is weird . They used it on us… Don’t they know who we are?” Lu Yan’s people cursed .

“No . They must know who I am . They were probably targeting me, or they wouldn’t have come so timely when I was killing Huo Siqian . ” Lu Yan analyzed calmly .

“Boss, are they Ian or Nalo’s people? Only they would take the risk to rescue him…”

“No . Ian’s people don’t have such high-tech devices . Besides, they don’t have the ability to bring a missile into China…”

“Well… That’s weird . Who could pull this off if they were not Ian’s people?”

All of them were deep in thought…

Lu Yan’s face paled and then she blacked out and dropped to the ground

“Boss… Boss!”

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