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Chapter 3370: 3370
Chapter 3370 Take Out Panda, and I will be National Treasure 6

“That’s right,” answered Qin Chu .

“Okay, okay . I’ll do as you say . I’ll go and pack for the trip . ”

Huo Mian left the room, thinking her husband was overreacting a bit by insisting on going with her to the meeting .

But Qin Chu knew it wasn’t a small issue .

Now that Huo Mian’s identity was exposed, Ian, Nalo, and even Qiao Nan would target her .

Compared to Lu Yan, she was an ordinary person and easy to catch .

So Qin Chu was extremely cautious with her safety .

As to why he didn’t want Lu Yan to go with her, it was simple .

Lu Yan had too many enemies and was constantly being watched and hunted down .

Her presence would bring Huo Mian danger rather than safety .

Lu Yan knew it, too, which was why she seldom hung out with Huo Mian .

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Except for the first day when she stayed with Huo Mian at South Side, she didn’t dare to be seen with her sister, afraid she’d bring danger to Huo Mian .

After all, in the past couple of days, wave after wave of killers had attempted to get her .

While Lu Yan shared a room with Huo Mian, Qin Chu had slept in the study .

Each night, Huo Mian prepared burning scents for him; Qin Chu began to sleep longer each day . The effects were slow but quite obvious .

Now, his complexion looked better .

Finishing the work at hand, Qin Chu called Gao Ran .

“What? You want to have a drink with me?” Gao Ran chuckled .

“Aren’t you on night shift today?”

“You know that?” Gao Ran chuckled .

“I memorized your rotating shift schedule…”

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“I believe it . After all, you’ve loved me for many years as deeply as you love Huo Mian . ”

“You’re disgusting,” Mr . Qin said with a straight face .


“Old Gao, I want to talk to you about Huo Siqian . ”

“What about him?”

“Mian and I talked about it and decided not to keep him alive…”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to use him to lure out a bigger fish?”

“From the looks of it, even without him, the big fish will still come to us… So, he isn’t worth it anymore . Mian is right; we’ve got to get rid of him to avoid future trouble . ”

“Yeah . I feel uneasy while he’s alive . We should have gotten rid of him long ago,” Gao Ran said .

“Then you arrange to have someone do it tonight . ”

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“Yeah . Let’s not delay it . Make it neat,” Qin Chu instructed .

“Okay . I’ll have someone do it now . ”

Ending the call, Qin Chu lit a cigarette and stood before the window, looking at the view outside quietly .

Huo Siqian had committed many crimes and deserved to die .

He hadn’t dared to kill him because he feared Mian would feel sad .

After all, that devil had been good to Mian and had never hurt her .

Now that Mian told him to kill Huo Siqian, Qin Chu didn’t want to delay it .

Ian now knew Mian’s identity and would come to them sooner or later even if they didn’t have Huo Siqian in their hands .

Mian was right . Huo Siqian was trouble enough and they must be wary of the appearance of Jack .

After careful consideration for a few days, Qin Chu decided to kill Huo Siqian tonight .

– In the suburban prison –

“We got the order from above to execute that prisoner tonight secretly,” the warden instructed his subordinates .

“Do we do it now?”

“Yeah . Do it quietly . ”

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