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Chapter 3365: 3365
Chapter 3365 Take Out Panda, and I will be National Treasure 1

“What are you waiting for? Go and book the ticket . ”

“But… the business here…”

“What business here needs your attention?” Su Yu looked at An .

“Dr . Huo’s sister…”

“Haha! You still can’t forget her sister, huh?” Su Yu burst into laughter .

“… No . I didn’t mean that . I meant that I kept her company for one day… If I’m gone, who’s going to keep her company then?” An blushed .

“Don’t worry . You go and pick up Zeng Rou; I’ll fill in for you and show Mian’s sister around the place . Okay?”

An blushed at his teasing .

Zeng Rou’s car accident was sudden, but she wasn’t seriously injured .

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Hearing that she only injured her foot, Su Yu decided to send An over to get her back .

He had two reasons for this arrangement .

The first one was that Singapore was far and it would take him some time to make the round trip while the company needed him to stay here and deal with the recent problems .

The second reason was that he didn’t want Zeng Rou to get the wrong idea and think he liked her; after all, she wasn’t seriously injured .

So, An was the best candidate to do the task, but Su Yu was surprised that An was a bit reluctant to leave .

It seemed An couldn’t forget Mian’s sister, which exasperated Su Yu .

During the weekend, Lu Yan went out with Pudding and Little Bean and enjoyed themselves without restraint .

Meanwhile, Huo Mian felt heavy in the heart with thoughts about Huo Siqian .

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In the evening, she took a walk with Qin Chu around the fountain square in the courtyard inside South Hill Manor .

“Honey, do you want to talk to me about something?”

“You can see that?” Huo Mian chuckled .

“I know you . You looked distracted at supper . ”

“Yeah . I have something on my mind . ”

“Tell me . ”

Qin Chu held Huo Mian’s hand . Whenever they discussed something, they talked about it and analyzed all the possibilities before making a decision like two good friends .

They seldom argued due to different opinions because they were both intelligent and shared the same views about many things .

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“Honey, I went to see Huo Siqian the other day . ”

“Okay . ”

“After I came back, I have the feeling that it’s not right to keep him alive . Of course, I’m not saying that because I pity him . I only feel that he now has a weak mind and has almost lost all will to live . The guards in the prison said he was in bad shape, so Gao Ran and I went to see him . ”

“Go on,” Qin Chu said calmly and continued walking, holding her hand .

“I think it’s better for him to die if he continues like this . If we keep him alive, the consequences will be horrible if his alternate personality Jack appears . ”

“Are you afraid he will break out?” Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian .

“No . After all, you and Gao Ran made the arrangements personally, and it’s not easy for him to break out . After all, life is not a movie . I just feel that if the forces abroad, no matter if it’s Ian or Nalo, intervened, Huo Siqian or Jack might be able to escape . He knows us so well that he will pose a great danger to us… Those forces are difficult to deal with; if he escapes and helps them deal with us, we’d be in danger… Huo Siqian is a psycho but still has a trace of humanity left in him… After all, he’s never harmed me . But Jack is different . He’s another person and always wants to kill me . So…”

“I understand, Honey . ”

“Good . ”

“Let me think about it . ”

“Okay . Take your time and think about it . If you think I’m right, we’d better put him out of misery,” Huo Mian said .

“Okay . ”

“I hope you won’t think I’m saying this because I pity Huo Siqian . ” Seeing Qin Chu’s calm face, Huo Mian was worried that her husband would get the wrong idea .

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