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Chapter 3364: 3364
Chapter 3364 Second-hand Women Aren“t Valuable 8

“Um… Miss Tiantian… is asleep,” said the housemaid .

“It’s still early . ” Shen Mingxi checked his watch . He didn’t come back late today and Tiantian shouldn’t have gone to bed at this hour .

“It’s true . She said… she’s feeling a bit unwell . ”

“Unwell? Is she ill? Did you take her to see a doctor?” Shen Mingxi asked in concern .

“Sir, don’t worry . Miss Tiantian doesn’t have a fever . She’s just a bit tired . The school schedule is busy, and she just came here and is still adapting to the language here . ”

“Okay . Keep me updated . ”

“Okay, sir . ”

– In Singapore –

Ending the call, the housemaid said gently, “Miss Tiantian, the mister is concerned about you . I think… you shouldn’t have refused to answer his call . ”

“You think? Who do you think you are? You’re just a housemaid… Your job is taking care of my daily needs and these things don’t include my private affairs . ” Tiantian looked angry .

“No . I only meant that the mister is truly concerned about you . ”

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“Hehe . Concerned about me? If he was truly concerned about me, he wouldn’t have gotten back with that bitch Wei Ying; he wouldn’t have listened to her evil suggestion and sent me to this damned place . ”

Hearing her words, the housemaid didn’t dare to say more .

This little girl had a hot temper and would throw a tantrum at any moment; the housemaid just served her with great care for the sake of the high salary .

The child was only a few years old, but she came abroad alone without the company of her parents .

In school, she didn’t talk to anyone since she didn’t know the local language; she didn’t even talk to the teacher teaching Chinese in the school and didn’t have any friends .

Returning home, Wei Ying had a fight with her elder brother and then locked herself in her room .

She sent a WeChat message to Shen Mingxi .

Wei Ying: “Big Brother Mingxi, I’m sorry for what happened earlier . My brother… was a bit emotional . ”

Shen Mingxi: “I understand him . ”

Wei Ying: “Um… I’m sorry that my brother treated you like that in front of everyone . ”

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Shen Mingxi: “It’s fine . I had expected it . ”

Wei Ying: “Big Brother Mingxi… Have a good night . ”

She wanted to say more but stopped herself since she sensed Shen Mingxi’s spirits were low .

Everything happened fast tonight, and Shen Mingxi got humiliated in front of so many people .

Sure enough, the news spread out the next morning .

Even Tang Chuan, who was in the U . S . , called Su Yu to ask about it .

“Damn it! Even second-hand women are so valuable now? But for Shen Mingxi, Wei Ying is not second-hand because she was his wife,” Tang Chuan said in exaggerated surprise .

“Don’t be so damned nosy . Mind your own business . ”

“My own business is simple: marrying Qin Ning and having babies . ” Tang Chuan laughed smugly .

“Don’t be so smug… Who will have babies with you?” Qin Ning kicked him on the butt .

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Ending the call, Su Yu was about to drive to his office when he got a call from Zeng Rou .

“Young Madam Zeng, what can I do for you?”

“Mr… Su . Hello, I’m Zeng Rou’s good friend Zhang Qian . ”

“…” Su Yu was confused .

“Last night, Rou was hit by a car on her way back from shopping . She’s now in the hospital . ”

“What? She got in a car crash?” Su Yu was stupefied .

“Yeah . But don’t worry . The injury isn’t serious . Her toes are wounded, so she can’t move around freely . We’re no longer in the mood to tour the city . Can you come and pick her up?”

“In Singapore?” Su Yu finally understood what Zeng Rou’s friend was trying to say .

“Yeah . I’m a woman and it’s not convenient for me to push her up and down the plane . ”

“Okay . I’ll make the arrangements . Send me the address of the hospital . ”

“Okay, Mr . Su . ”

Putting down his cellphone, Su Yu glanced at An .

“An, book a plane ticket and go to Singapore . ”

“For what?” An was quite caught off guard .

“Bring Zeng Rou back . She was hit by a car . ” Su Yu frowned slightly .

“Huh?” An looked shocked .

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