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Chapter 3359: 3359
Chapter 3359 Second-hand Women Aren“t Valuable 3

“Well, what do you think I should look like?”


Huo Siqian couldn’t name it but he felt Huo Mian didn’t look as gentle as before; she was aggressive today .

“Now that I’m done talking, you can decide if you want to live or die . As I told you, if you want to die, no one can stop you . But… don’t drag me into it . ”

Huo Mian stood up and turned to leave .


Hearing his call, Huo Mian paused her steps .

He could see her profile from this angle .

As low-profiled as usual, she wore a simple white shirt with two pearls decorating the collars and the cuffs were in the shape of lotus leaves .

Under the shirt was a pair of pale-colored jeans with a few simple colorful patterns .

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She was always dressed simply but was always easy on the eyes .

Huo Mian’s white shirt couldn’t conceal the bulge in her belly which held the baby she had with Qin Chu .

“Mian… Will you come and see me again?” Huo Siqian looked at her profile, engrossed .

Huo Mian hesitated for a moment but didn’t say anything; she pulled open the door and left the room without hesitation .

Then two prison guards took Huo Siqian back to his cell .

Huo Mian and Gao Ran walked out of the prison situated in the suburban area .

“I was surprised at how you dealt with him,” said Gao Ran .

“I was aggressive as if I had swallowed gun powder, right?” Huo Mian chuckled .

“Yeah . A little bit like that . ”

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“Huo Siqian’s plan is obvious . He doesn’t want to die; he just wants to make it difficult for me . Knowing I won’t kill him, he kept provoking me with words, trying to brainwash me and make me agitated so I’d lose the baby . But I’m not stupid…”

“So, you retorted him with sharp words and even brainwashed him, making him confused . ”

“Something like that . In fact, Huo Siqian is very smart . We can’t underestimate him,” Huo Mian warned him .

“I know . Chu told me that Huo Siqian is a very sophisticated guy… I know he’s a very evil man with a very careful mind from the things he’s done in the past years… We’ll watch him carefully, so he won’t get a chance to kill himself . ”

“Don’t worry . He won’t die,” Huo Mian said in conviction .

“You sound very sure of it, but he has refused to eat and drink for a long time now…”

“He did it just to show me… He knew I’d come . ”

“He’s indeed scheming…” Gao Ran sighed .

He hadn’t studied Huo Siqian’s character and didn’t know him much .

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“Anyway, Huo Siqian won’t kill himself… He must be waiting for someone to break him out . ”

“Break him out? You mean the force from abroad?”

“Yeah . And I have a feeling that his alternate personality is about to wake up . ”

“That maniac killer?” Gao Ran dreaded Huo Siqian’s alternate personality because that guy always caused a bloody storm whenever he appeared .

In other words, Jack was tougher to deal with than Huo Siqian .

“Yeah . So tell your people to be on guard . ”

“Okay . ”

Returning from the prison, Huo Mian felt a bit blue . She thought it was better to kill Huo Siqian now to avoid future trouble .

She planned to talk about it with Mr . Qin and see what he thought .

– Meanwhile at Water World –

After a round of playing, the twins and Lu Yan sat on a bench to take a break .

“Auntie… You transferred 10 million yuan to us?” Little Bean’s eyes almost popped out when she received the message from the bank .

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