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Chapter 3358: 3358
Chapter 3358 Second-hand Women Aren“t Valuable 2

“You still understand, right?” Huo Mian looked at him in disappointment .

“Understand what?”

“No matter what they did, they did it for my benefit… But everything you did brought me great harm even though you thought you did it for my benefit…”

“I didn’t mean to bring you harm . All these years, I’ve been trying to make you happy; I even bought that island…”

“Don’t mention that island to me . Huo Siqian, I’m not your pet and can’t be imprisoned by you for the rest of my life… You said you love me for my pureness and kindness… It’s because your nature is so evil, and you did many heartless things . You just want to gain redemption from me… Think with your conscience, do you really love me? Or… is the person you truly love yourself?”

Hearing her words, Huo Siqian’s mind turned blank .

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Her words plunged him into endless confusion .

Yes, he didn’t know the real purpose of all those things that he had done .

All these years, he had thought he only loved Huo Mian and would destroy everything to get her .

But what was his real purpose? Maybe even he didn’t dare to examine it .

“Huo Siqian, if you love me, you should know that my biggest dream is being a doctor and saving lives… But you’ve been killing people . Huo Zhenghai deserved to die, but he shouldn’t have died in your hands . Even though he wasn’t your biological father, at least you grew up in the Huo Family; the person who gave you bad memories is Jiang Hong, but you hate the whole Huo Family and turned this respectable big family into a joke . The only remaining descendent of the family, Huo Yanyan, became crazy because of you…”

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“They deserved it,” Huo Siqian gritted his teeth and said in hatred .

“Fine . Even though they deserved to die, how about Song Yishi? She was not a good woman, but she didn’t deserve to be cut into pieces by you . You even planted her death on Qin Chu… Wang Shasha was pregnant with your baby, but you still killed her . Huo Siqian, even a tiger doesn’t eat its baby . What did you do? You always use your unpleasant experiences as your excuse, but in this world, who can say he hasn’t encountered any unpleasant things? I’ve been through lots of accidents and difficulties; does it give me a reason to kill people to vent my frustrations and anger? In fact, you did those things because you wanted to, so you can stop finding excuses for yourself… You and Jack have something in common: both of you have demons living in your hearts and it’s eating away your hearts little by little . The kind-hearted youth in you many years ago has already vanished without a trace . ”

“Yeah . I can’t even understand myself these years…”

Hearing Huo Mian’s words, Huo Siqian suddenly thought he was pathetic .

In his life of thirty-plus years, he had always thought he had a clear objective, but now he was totally confused .

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“You should know why Qin Chu kept you alive . ”

“Qin Chu wants to get rid of Ian . But… I don’t think he can do it . Ian is not as easy to deal with as me . I advise him not to overestimate himself and hurt you and the twins in the process…” Huo Siqian said calmly .

“But even if we don’t deal with him, he won’t leave us alone, right?” Huo Mian asked calmly .

“Mian, you look… different today . ” Huo Siqian studied Huo Mian’s face and found her unusually calm .

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