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Chapter 3353: 3353
Chapter 3353 Mian, Just Kill Me 8

“Um… A chemistry teacher? Sis… you have a good imagination . ”

Hearing her sister’s words, Lu Yan was stunned .

She was indeed good at chemistry and extremely familiar with all kinds of chemical elements .

She knew what mixtures would explode and what mixtures were poisonous .

But Mian was quite creative to suggest to Lu Yan for her to become a chemistry teacher .

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No . You’re right… Ha…” Lu Yan chuckled .

“Why are you laughing? I’m being serious . ”

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“Okay . Sis, I’ll consider your suggestion seriously . ”

“Yan, many people work not to earn a living… There are many magnates in the world who are still working despite their great fortune . Why? Because they want to realize their value . ”

“Yeah . Sis, you’re right . You and my brother-in-law have more money than you can spend, but you’re still busy with your work . After all, people must get busy and can’t just eat and wait to die because they have money,” Lu Yan added .

“Yeah . That’s right . But I work as a doctor not to kill time, but to realize my childhood dream,” explained Huo Mian .

“But Sis… You must understand that not everyone can be as lucky as you . You have a loving husband who cherishes you and helps you realize your dream as if it was his own . Most of the people in the world can’t realize their dreams . ”

“Maybe… But Yan, the people you mentioned have no abilities to realize their dreams . You’re so capable; you can control your own life . ”

“Sis, can you believe that I’ve gotten used to my profession just like how you’re used to being a doctor? Maybe at first, I did it to save my life, but gradually, it has become my habit . You asked me to work as a chemistry teacher, I think… I might not be able to do it… It has nothing to do with money . I can live peacefully for a few days but will go crazy if I have to live like that for the rest of my life . Maybe I have some genes in my body making it difficult for me to settle down… So, I’m destined to live a different life from yours . ”

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Hearing her words, Huo Mian felt sad .

Lu Yan was right; everyone was entitled to his own thoughts and decisions .

Huo Mian thought her suggestion was good for her sister, but Lu Yan might not think it was a good idea .

Maybe for Lu Yan, taking missions to kill people as a mercenary had become a part of her .

She had grown to like this lifestyle .

“If we continue the topic, we might begin arguing with each other…” Huo Mian smiled .

“No way . I can see you so rarely… So, I won’t argue with you . The most I will do is not listen to you . ” Lu Yan stuck out her tongue playfully .

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“Okay . Sleep now . ”

“Okay .



“I heard Pudding is speculating on stocks… and has a company of her own . ”

“Yeah . I can’t manage the child now . ” Thinking of her elder daughter, Huo Mian didn’t know whether she was more happy or sad .

She was happy because Pudding was indeed more mature, smarter and steadier than any other child of her age .

She was sad because she thought Pudding was doing things not appropriate for her age . She wondered if it was right for Pudding to do those things .

“I transferred the money I earned today to her company,” Lu Yan said mildly as if she had bought a piece of clothes for Pudding .

“What? You transferred 10 million yuan to her?” Huo Mian frowned slightly .

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