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Chapter 3352: 3352
Chapter 3352 Mian, Just Kill Me 7

“Sis, you’re still up?” Lu Yan said in a low voice and moved quietly to the bedside .

“I couldn’t sleep with you still out . I thought An was with you, but you dumped him and went to play by yourself . ”

“Ha! Were you worried about me?”

“No . I was worried about the people who have the misfortune of seeing you,” Huo Mian said firmly .

She had been worried about Lu Yan, but later Mr . Qin told her that Lu Yan had never gotten in trouble in the past years .

She could even play a hide-and-seek game with a psycho like Ian for years .

So, she was worried about the people who got played with by Lu Yan .

“Hahaha! Sis, you’re dissing me too?”

“Su Yu was busy and didn’t go with you . An stayed with you during the day, right?”

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“Yeah . ” Lu Yan nodded .

“Then after you made An leave with an excuse, where did you go?” Huo Mian asked .

“Sis, what are you doing? You sound as if you’re interrogating a criminal…”

“Come on . Tell me . ”

“I went to have a drink in the nightclub named Prosperous Pearl . ”

“What? You went to such a place?”

“Yeah . I drank ten glasses of liquor and earned 10 million yuan,” Lu Yan said cheerfully .

“You drank ten glasses of liquor? Do you know how much damage liquor can afflict on your liver?” With the habits of a doctor, Huo Mian began to lecture her .

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“I’m fine . I started chewing alcohol-relieving chewing gum before I drank the liquor; it dissolved all the alcohol . ”

“You have a gift but only use it to do crazy stuff . ”

“In our family, you and Dad are medical geniuses… No, like me, Dad is good at chemistry and a genius of bombs . Ha . You and Mom are the medical geniuses,” said Lu Yan .

Huo Mian sighed slightly . “You came back so late . Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

“No . I’m not hungry . Sis, you’re pregnant and must sleep now . I’ll go and take a shower . ”

Lu Yan went to the wardrobe and changed into her sleeping gown before entering the bathroom .

Huo Mian had been silent about one thing . She had smelt a heavy scent of blood on Lu Yan and wanted to ask her if she killed anyone .

But on second thought, she remembered that Qin Chu had said Yan was born to do what she did .

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For her, killing was second nature, just like saving people’s lives was Huo Mian’s second nature .

If they talked about such a serious topic, they might end up with nothing but unhappiness .

So, Huo Mian controlled herself and didn’t ask . But Yan was still young and couldn’t live in that cruel and bloody world for the rest of her life .

Huo Mian began to think about how to help Lu Yan change the way of living and return to the life of an ordinary girl .

She would get married, have babies, and have an ordinary job to spend the rest of her life .

After the shower, Lu Yan lay on the bed with her sister .

She took Huo Mian’s hand under the cover, feeling warm inside .

“Sis, when I was little, I used to wish that I could have an elder sister… At that time, Dad didn’t tell me about you . Dad and I were always on the run and had to change our lodgings each week . I felt very insecure and craved for a family… Now when I finally get to lie in bed with you and hold your hand and talk about things on my mind, I feel—great . ”

“I have the same feeling… I feel safe when you’re by my side… Yan, do you have a dream?”

“A dream? For now, I’ll get rid of Ian who keeps following me…”

“What do you want to do after that?” Huo Mian asked .

“I haven’t thought about it . Really, Sis, people like me don’t know if we have a future… Maybe one day…”

Before she could finish, Huo Mian interrupted, “Yan, can you stop doing it and just be a chemistry teacher or something?”

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