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Published at 17th of July 2020 12:30:09 AM
Chapter 3351: 3351
Chapter 3351 Mian, Just Kill Me 6


“Speak . ”

Displeased by his hesitation, Lu Yan grabbed his ear .

“Huh . Please don’t . Boss… my ear is being ripped off…”

“Then why don’t you tell me now?”

“Please read it yourself . ”

Her subordinate handed his communication watch to her and showed her Qiao Fei’s message .

Lu Yan let go of his ear and glanced at it . After reading it, she was exasperated .

Qiao Fei’s message said, “Lu Yan, very good . Just wait until I see you . ”

Lu Yan didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry .

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It looked like a threat issued from a schoolboy: you just wait until we’re released from school .

It was very naïve . But it was obvious that Qiao Fei was jealous .

If not for their plan, he would have come and demanded an explanation from her .

“Haha…” Lu Yan chuckled .

“Boss, is Young Master Qiao threatening you?”

“Yeah . This is exactly what I wanted . ”

Her subordinates were puzzled . Only Qiao Fei and Lu Yan knew about the plan, so her subordinates all thought they broke up and became enemies .

They were even worried about their boss…

“You guys can go now . Don’t contact me; I want to live like an ordinary person . ”

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“Boss, today you didn’t act like an ordinary person . ”

They were not stupid and knew what their boss had been doing today .

The moron that tried to flirt with their boss was so unfortunate; he drank so much alcohol that his stomach bled and he even lost 10 million yuan to her . It was a disaster for him…

“Shut up and beat it… You guys just take a vacation . Eat something good and date some girls or play in the casino . If you can’t find anything to do, you may tour the city and post pictures on your Moments . ”

Her subordinates: “…”

“I’ll go now . ”

“Boss, we’ll drive you back . It’s not safe here . ”

After the accident with the taxi, her subordinates didn’t want their boss to take a taxi .

“It’s okay; they are just some minions . I’ll kill them whenever I see them . ”

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Lu Yan waved her hand and got into another taxi .

She didn’t believe those guys could take all the taxis in the city .

“The boss is willful… Just like a child,” one of her subordinates lamented .

“She had always been like this… We must get used to it . ”

“I’m truly worried about her . The accident almost gave me a heart attack… We’ve worked for her for years . If something happened to her, what would we do?”

They sighed .

“I think when we have time, we should help the boss kill the b*tch Amy . In all the years that I’ve worked in the boss’s legion, Amy is the first traitor… no… the first traitor that hasn’t been killed by the boss,” one of them said .

“I think the boss didn’t kill her probably because of Young Master Qiao?”

“Who knows? We don’t need to understand the boss’s business; we just follow her orders . ”

Watching the taxi drive away, they didn’t dare to follow her and returned to their hotel .

After playing for a whole day, Lu Yan returned home at 12:30 AM .

All the residents in South Hill Manor had turned in .

She jumped into the room quietly through the window and saw her sister was reading in bed under the light from a bedside lamp .

“There’s a door . Why did you enter through the window?” Huo Mian looked at Lu Yan and felt like laughing .

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