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Published at 29th of July 2020 10:40:38 AM
Chapter 3335
Chapter 3335 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 15

“Yeah . Can you play it? If you can’t grab one, I’ll help you,” An coaxed Lu Yan .

He truly took Dr . Huo’s younger sister as a young girl . Knowing she had just returned from abroad, he wanted to show her something fun .

Lu Yan stared at An for three seconds and said, “Oh . You go and play the claw machines; I’ll go and play the slot machine . ”

That said, she took a few tokens from his hand and went the other way .

An was embarrassed . After all, he had suggested the claw machine because he thought all girls liked it; how could he go and play it himself?

With his head lowered, An followed Lu Yan silently with a pile of tokens in his palms .

As the biggest arcade hall in the city, this place had lots of people and employees .

There were dozens of slot machines and many young people who looked to be underaged kids were playing with obsessed eyes .

Lu Yan glanced at the tags on the slot machines and found that there were no prizes listed on them .

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She beckoned at an employee .

“Handsome, which slot machine has the highest prize?” Lu Yan asked .

“The machine over there has the highest prize . ” The employee pointed at one machine .

“How much is it?”

“According to the boss, the highest prize is 100,000 yuan . But in the two years since this hall was opened, no one has won the prize yet; the highest one people got was a prize of 30,000 yuan . ”

“100,000 yuan? That’s very, very low,” Lu Yan complained . Since her voice wasn’t loud, the employee didn’t hear it .

“Anything else I can do for you?”

“No . Thank you, Handsome . ” Lu Yan walked to that slot machine .

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“Beauty, wait . ” The employee stopped her probably due to her stunning good looks .

“Yes?” Lu Yan looked back at him .

“The machine has the highest prize but also high odds of swallowing your money . It means that you have to lose a lot of money before you can have a chance to win money from it . So, no one wants to play it . I suggest you play the fruit machines . They don’t have high prices, but you have higher odds of winning . ”

“Thank you . I won’t put too many tokens in it, so I won’t lose lots of money . ”

Lu Yan smiled at him and continued walking toward that slot machine which had no one playing .

Seeing Lu Yan would play the slot machines, An suddenly realized that the 100 yuan of tokens would be gone in one second .

Everyone knew that slot machines swallowed money; if one got addicted to them, he’d not be able to walk away without losing thousands of yuan .

An turned back and bought 3,000 yuan of tokens with WeChat pay so Lu Yan could enjoy herself . After all, President Su had instructed him to take good care of her .

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“Sis, this machine is rigged . It always swallows tokens and never spits out one . I think the boss of the arcade did something with it . The regular customers all know it . You’d better find another machine to play . ”

The moment Lu Yan sat down, a youth of about 15 years old playing at the machine next to hers warned her .

“It’s okay . I like challenges . ” Lu Yan chuckled .

“Fine…” Seeing she wouldn’t take his kindly given advice, the youth turned his head away and ignored her .

Coming back with a basket of tokens, An bought two flavors of fruit juice for Lu Yan when he passed the beverage zone .

Taking the change, he walked toward Lu Yan with the drinks .

Then he heard an uproar…

“Fu*k! The machine exploded,” someone yelled, and then everyone ran to Lu Yan’s side .

The whole hall was filled with the music of the slot machine when a big prize was won . An suddenly felt that it must be Huo Mian’s weird younger sister who had just won the prize .

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