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Published at 29th of July 2020 10:40:39 AM
Chapter 3334
Chapter 3334 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 14

“I’ll call President Su and ask for his opinion…” An picked up his cellphone .

But Lu Yan stopped him . “Wait, you said Su Yu is busy and can’t make it, right?”

“Yes . ”

“Very good . Then you are off duty now . I’ll go and see the place by myself . ” Lu Yan opened the door to get out of the car .

Anyway, she hadn’t wanted to go to Su Yu’s company and would have left long ago if not for her promise to her sister .

“No . President Su promised Dr . Huo . ”

“I’ll explain it to my sister,” Lu Yan said .

“I still can’t do it . ”

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“Don’t be so stubborn . ” Lu Yan looked at the obstinate An in frustration .

“You’re Dr . Huo’s younger sister and Dr . Huo is President Su’s… very, very important friend, so I must ensure your safety . This place is not totally safe with some local gangs moving around . I’m afraid you’d be their target . After all, you are… very beautiful,” An said the last part bashfully .

Lu Yan’s beauty was stunning, and even An, a guy who wasn’t a fan of beauty, felt Lu Yan was a feast for the eyes .

He was worried that she’d be in danger if she walked around on the streets and someone tried to flirt with her or accost her .

“Fu*k… Did you say someone would dare to make a move against me?” Despite her celestial-like looks, Lu Yan cursed like a sailor, which was a total contrast to her appearance .

“Yeah . I wasn’t lying when I told you this place isn’t very safe . Other than the gangsters, some kids of the local upstarts might make trouble for you, too . So, Miss, if you want to tour the place, you’d better bring me with you just for your safety . ”

After all, Su Yu had promised to show the girl around the place; if she went off by herself, he was afraid Dr . Huo would think badly of his boss .

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So, An locked the car doors to prevent Lu Yan from getting out of the car and gave her a lecture .

If it was in the past, Lu Yan would take out a gun and shoot the lock before making a dashing exit from the car .

But now she must restrain herself since carrying guns was illegal in this place; she’d attract attention to herself if she shot . Then she wouldn’t be able to stay here .

After some deliberation, Lu Yan smiled and sighed .

“You’re as stubborn as a mule . But I know you’re concerned for my safety . Fine, you can come with me, but… from now on, you must follow me wherever I want to go, okay?”

“Okay . ” Seeing the girl give in, An immediately nodded .

“Let’s first go to an arcade hall . ”

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“Huh?” An was nonplussed .

“I’m saying that you should find me an arcade hall . Can’t you understand me?” Lu Yan repeated .

“Okay . ”

Not daring to ask more questions, An stepped on the fuel and went to the biggest arcade hall in downtown .

Not waiting for instruction from Lu Yan, he went to buy 100 yuan of tokens for her .

Su Yu had transferred 100,000 yuan to An’s WeChat account before he went out for business, telling him to pay for all the costs for the outing today .

So, An wouldn’t let the girl pay from her own pocket .

“There are some claw machines over there… Do you want to play that?” holding the tokens, An asked Lu Yan earnestly .

He knew many girls liked this game . The girl whom he had met through WeChat Shake liked it very much, and he had once thought he’d marry that girl .

But we all know what happened next…

“Claw machines?” Lu Yan’s expression was indescribable .

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