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Chapter 3333: 3333
Chapter 3333 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 13

“Sis, I hope I won’t cause you trouble . ” Lu Yan was afraid she might lose control of herself and fight with Su Yu . It would make her sister feel bad .

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But she would try her best to control herself and not beat Su Yu .

“You won’t . Su Yu is a great guy and a great friend . ”

Huo Mian knew her husband was right since no gentle guy could deal with Lu Yan .

With Mr . Su’s hot temper, he might be able to achieve unexpected effects .

Even if Lu Yan was bad-tempered and rude, Huo Mian trusted Su Yu wouldn’t mind it since she was Huo Mian’s younger sister .

Lu Yan licked her lips and got into the Audi A8L driven by An .

Sitting in the back seat, Lu Yan was silent and planned to doze off for a moment .

An was smart and didn’t try to speak, either .

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Su Yu had told An to bring Lu Yan to the headquarters of Imperial Star and he’d take her out to play after the morning meeting .

When they almost reached the headquarters, An got a call from Su Yu .

“Hello, President Su…”

“What? Um… Okay . I see . ”

Ending the call, An swallowed uneasily .

He looked back at Lu Yan, who was still resting with her eyes closed .

“Um… Miss Huo . ”

“My surname is not Huo,” said Lu Yan .

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“Um… Aren’t you Dr . Huo’s younger sister?”

“Yeah . But my surname is not Huo . ”

“Um…” An was feeling a bit awkward .

“What’s up?”

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“I just got a call from President Su . He needs to handle some urgent business in the movie studios and asked me to show you around in the headquarters . He said…” An glanced at Lu Yan and continued, “Many performers come to the headquarters each day to sign up for photo shoots . If you like any of the stars, I’ll take you to have a photo with him or her . ”

An thought his boss made the perfect arrangement since young girls usually liked one star or another .

Imperial Star had quite a few list celebrities in the country and had produced many popular TV series .

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He thought Dr . Huo’s younger sister would be thrilled by this opportunity since she was only a little bit over 20 years old .

“What?” Lu Yan’s eyes widened instantly .

“Are you happy? It seems President Su is right . ” Seeing Lu Yan’s reaction, An thought this plan was excellent for Lu Yan .

“What the heck? Do you think I’d want to take photos with those dumb people? I don’t even care to see the stars in Hollywood; do you think I’d care for these insignificant performers without any acting skills and are just all looks?”

Lu Yan had never liked the profession of performers . After all, she lived her life on the knife-edge facing real bullets each day, which was a life totally different from that of the entertainers .

Once, a well-known award-winning actor in Hollywood had used all his connections to ask Lu Yan out to dinner but got rejected . Even though he announced he’d offer 10 million dollars just to have dinner with her, he still couldn’t meet Lu Yan…

The rumors had it that Lu Yan’s team no longer took deals worth less than 1 billion dollars, so the offers from these movie stars were nothing to her .

1 billion dollars were not much for the top-level magnates but were the income of a lifetime even for a Hollywood star . No one would be so crazy as to use all their fortune to see a woman, so none of them had seen Lu Yan . For them, she was only a legend .

Hearing Lu Yan’s words, An felt very embarrassed and a bit panicked .

If she didn’t want to see the celebrities, what should he do to entertain her?

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