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Chapter 3322: 3322
Chapter 3322 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 2

“You…” The old woman turned pale .

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She had been spoiled for her whole life, but today was the first time she was terrified .

All the other times, people gave in once she threatened to lie down .

However, the young woman in front of her really seemed like she was having murderous intent…

“Grandma…” Seeing Lu Yan’s vicious gaze scared him a little .

He didn’t dare to bring up peeing anymore .

“Come, lie down… I’m ready to pay for your life . ” Lu Yan crossed her arms .

“You psycho… Let’s go . ” Finally, with her legs shaking, the old lady picked the child up from the car hood and quickly dashed out of the crowd .

She was quite nimble…

After the old woman left, people began clapping .

Lu Yan was confused… What was going on?

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“Young lady, that was amazing . That old lady always comes here to scam people, but this time, she finally got taught a lesson . ”

“Yeah, girl, that was so cool! Good job . ”

“Uh…” The mood turned too fast and Lu Yan didn’t know what to say .

“Look, the good side always wins . The passersby all have morals, and old ladies like that are in the minority . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

Lu Yan turned around, looked at Qin Chu, smiled, and greeted him .

“Hello, President Qin . ”

“Hello, Second Young Madam,” Qin Chu fired back .

“Ahem… Don’t do that; just call me Yan, ha,” Lu Yan humbly said .

Second Young Madam was her title in the mercenary world, so Lu Yan wasn’t used to her family using it .

“Let’s go eat, it’s ready,” Qin Chu said .

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“Mhm, I am hungry . Let’s go . ”

After, Lu Yan and the twins went inside .

“Auntie, you were so cool… You’re my idol now . ” Little Bean tugged on Lu Yan’s hand .

“Really? That was only talking, I didn’t do anything… I am afraid that her old bones can’t withstand my beating . ” Lu Yan smiled .

“Auntie, if she really lied down, would you run her over?” Little Bean curiously asked .

“What do you think?”

Lu Yan poked Little Bean’s little face and walked in without answering .

Qin Chu had ordered three big bowls of beef ramen .

He even got the chef to make small bowls for the twins .

“Daddy, I think that I don’t need to eat a small one anymore, I’m growing, I need nutrition,” Little Bean said .

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“Okay, you can eat Daddy’s big bowl . ” Qin Chu spoiled his daughters and pushed his ramen towards her .

“It’s okay, I don’t need your noodles, I just want your beef,” Little Bean chuckled devilishly .

“Little Bean, your grandpa said you were bloating up, so you can’t eat that much meat…” Huo Mian looked at her .

“Mommy, Grandpa isn’t here now, why do you need to be so serious?”

“Even if he’s not here, I need to watch over you . This is for your health . ” Huo Mian shook her head and didn’t let Qin Chu give the beef to Little Bean .

“Mommy, have you heard of the famous internet phrase?”

“What?” Huo Mian tilted her head and looked at Little Bean .

“Don’t worry too much right now and eat whatever you want to eat… In the future, once a doctor tells you what you should eat, it’s over for you . ”

Huo Mian was speechless .

“Hahaha, where did you hear that?” Lu Yan smiled .

“Also, even though they drank and smoked, President Mao lived to his eighties and President Deng lived to his nineties . Mr . Zhang Xueliang did both of those things, had a Madam, and lived till a hundred . Lei Feng didn’t smoke or drink, he did a lot of good things but died at twenty-eight,” Little Bean said in a serious tone .

Everybody almost coughed out their food from laughing…

“Just say that you want to eat meat, why beat around the bush?” Pudding said indifferently .

“Hmm? That’s weird . Look, the men over there keep looking at us . Are they bad people?” Little Bean was just about to rebut her sister when she saw a few men eating street food outside the restaurant looking over at them suspiciously

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