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Chapter 3320: 3320
Chapter 3320 Dr . Huo“s Awesome Little Sister 10

Huo Mian and Lu Yan led the twins off the car . Qin Chu’s car was parked at the front of the restaurant .

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It was a rare sight to see such an expensive sports car in such a small alleyway, so many people were crowding by the car .

Some people incessantly took pictures . Some even had their selfie sticks and took selfies .

There was even an old lady with a seven-year-old boy that didn’t think selfies were sufficient so she put the child on the car .

Qin Chu’s car was a limited edition R8 Audi . It was silver, low key, but still very luxurious .

There were only ten around the world; apparently the supplier was very picky about who could buy this car .

Qin Chu was one of the well-known businessmen in China . The German manufacturer did their research, even looking up the US GK Corporation headquarters before they were willing to sell this car to him .

Rumors had it that this car was worth 9,880,000 yuan .

Just the tax paid on this car was sufficient to buy a brand new luxury Benz .

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Qin Chu was planning to let Huo Mian drive this since she loved the brand .

However, she was pregnant so she couldn’t drive a sports car .

She could only sit in a van so Qin Chu drove this car instead .

“Damn… That child’s sitting on top of Daddy’s engine…” Little Bean wasn’t happy .

“They just want a picture . ” Huo Mian smiled and didn’t fuss about it .

Huo Mian was leading her daughters towards the restaurant . Before they went in, she saw the little boy stand up and step and jump on the car . Now Huo Mian couldn’t keep her composure .

“Um… Ma’am, can you have your child come down first?” Huo Mian asked politely .

“This isn’t your car . Why is it your business? It’s not your problem,” the old woman said and glared at her .

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“This car belongs to my family . It’s my daddy’s car!” Pudding couldn’t keep her calm either and shouted .

“So what if it’s your car . I’m just taking a picture…” The old lady held her ground with full confidence .

“You can take pictures but there’s no need to climb up . Your child also stomped on the car . What is the meaning of that?” Little Bean could not suppress her anger .

“Children are playful . He’s just playing . It’s not broken . Why are you shouting?”

“If it is broken, can you pay for it?” Little Bean shouted angrily .

“It’s alright Little Bean . Let them take some pictures…” Huo Mian thought it was rough for an old lady to be taking care of a young child on her own so she thought it was unnecessary to continue this argument .

However, everyone was astonished by what happened next .

“Grandma, I want to go pee . ”

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“Okay . Grandma’s going to take you to go pee . ”

“No, I want to pee here . This car is pretty,” the little boy said shamelessly .

Under normal circumstances, a seven-year-old boy would not demand something so rude . Not only did the old lady not criticize him for his bad behavior but she also encouraged it .

“Okay . Grandma will stand here and look out for you . Go to the side and pee . ”

“No, I want to pee on the car,” the child demanded .

“Okay . Go pee . Grandma will help you take off your pants . ”

“Excuse me, ma’am . What the hell is wrong with you?” Lu Yan finally couldn’t help it and walk over with a scoff .

“I’ll wipe it off for you after he pees . Why are you shouting? Can’t you see he’s just a child? Don’t you people have some love?”

“Love? What kind of love do you dare tell me about?” Lu Yan said angrily .

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